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Ask Yourself: Do You Need Drug Rehab?

It is always said “The first step is to admit you have a problem,” –it’s true! No one is ever truly prepared for rehab, but you may be at the point where you’ve thought about it. Maybe you’ve reached a low point, or you’re starting to realize what your habits have done to your relationships. In this situation, checking yourself into a drug rehab program is the best decision you will ever make. Entering rehab is not always a choice you make yourself – sometimes via intervention or a conversation you may decide to go to treatment to address some of the issues occurring in your life. Treatment helps you to achieve the right mindset to begin tackling your problems and learning to deal with them in a healthy way – a way that works for you.

Am I Ready for Drug Rehab?

Effective drug rehab centers on your mindset. You may not initially be committed to sobriety, but you may still need treatment. Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering getting help. 1. Am I happy with my life? Are you proud of the life you are leading? Do you feel like you’re making the most out of your life? Do you feel like your life has a purpose? If you question the point of life, it may be because you are not living it to the fullest. While you could be having a positive impact on others, you are lost in your self-consuming addiction. If you feel this way, you are ready for treatment. 2. Do I have control? If you feel like you no longer are in control of your actions, you’re in need of professional treatment. If drugs or alcohol are in control, you are no longer living the life you could. It’s never too soon to regain control over your life. 3. Have I lost family or friends? Have you alienated your true friends? Have your relationships with your family changed? Do you feel isolated from those you once turned to for support? Do you feel like you’re letting down those you care about? If you’re finding yourself alone, or surrounded by people who don’t care for you on the deepest level, you are choosing your addiction over your loved ones. You need professional treatment to address your addiction and put you back in touch with those who are most important and supportive of you. Photo: The Ranch PA

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