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Substance Abuse Treatment in Florida Focuses on Holistic Approach in Light of Recent Upsurge in Prescription Drug Abuse

The numbers related to drug abuse coming out of Florida are nothing less than terrifying. Seven people die each day in the state from prescription drug abuse. In Volusia County, deaths related to prescription drug abuse have risen a terrifying 37.5% since 2009. Of the children removed from homes in Volusia and Flager counties, almost 70% of the cases involved prescription drug abuse.

Taking Action with a Task Force Based on Holistic Treatment

Florida is fighting back to save its residents with a revolutionary task force intended to bring together all facets of the community for a holistic approach to treatment. From parents, children, law enforcement, lawmakers, and clergy to the medical community, schools, and treatment providers, the task force has grown to 50 organizations. Also important to this cause is the legislation allowing people to report prescription drug abuse anonymously. Too often people are fearful of the consequences if they call for help which results in deaths that could have been prevented.

Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Focusing on Holistic Treatment

The Ranch PA plays an important role in the national crisis of prescription drug abuse because it’s the premier substance abuse treatment facility, offering holistic treatment, as mirrored in the Florida task force. By bringing together all facets of the person – mind, body, and spirit – one can experience true recovery and gain the support and foundation they need to continue choosing sobriety over addiction. From traditional therapies including cognitive behavior and cutting-edge treatments such as neurofeedback, to age-old practices like acupuncture, The Ranch PA utilizes all the different tools available for substance abuse treatment. The result is a well-rounded treatment that addresses every aspect of one’s life, healing them in every way. (Photo via)

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