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What You can Learn from Elton John’s Struggle with Drug Addiction

The rich and famous are not immune to the harmful physical and emotional effects of drug addiction. From celebrity after celebrity entering into addiction recovery treatment programs, this is an obvious fact. Now, Sir Elton John is sharing his experiences with drugs, alcohol, recklessness and bulimia in his upcoming memoir.

A Selfish Way of Life

In his memoir, Sir Elton John discusses how he feels his past addiction was ultimately very selfish. He was living a dark lifestyle while watching others suffer from doing the same things; yet, he never got the message to stop. Many of us can relate to this in our own lives today. Sir Elton John’s regret of his past should be a message that addiction is not cool, it is not glamorous and it is a rough road that only gets worse until you make the decision to turn around. If you’re struggling with addiction, now is the time to make that U-turn. The success of your drug rehab centers on your commitment. You can get your life back if you want to.

Who Are You Leaving Behind?

When you become consumed by alcohol and drugs, you become less and less involved with your loved ones. Addiction can make you lash out at your family and friends or even sever your ties with them completely. When Sir Elton John revisits his past, he feels guilty for allowing himself to be so lost in addiction that he lost his connection with the people he cared for most. Don’t let your family and friends get hurt by your addiction. Instead, ask for their support as you seek the help you need to get your life back.

What Would You Write in Your Memoir?

Twenty years from now, when you are looking back at your life, will you feel happy with the choices you made? Will you be satisfied with your life, your accomplishments and your relationships? If drugs and alcohol are making you live a life that you won’t be proud of in the future, now is the time to make a change. Talk to someone you trust about getting help. Contact our drug and alcohol rehab center today to start your journey to recovery. (Photo via  Ernst Vikne)

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