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The New Bath Salts Trend is Difficult for Doctors to Treat

The New Bath Salts Trend is Difficult for Doctors to Treat

Over the past year, the use of bath salts has been increasing rapidly. The news has been flooded with stories concerning bath salts and the bizarre acts committed by bath salts users. Emergency rooms have also seen an increase of bath salts users, especially overdose cases. Health care professionals have to learn how to take care of these patients as they go, since the drug has only been around since 2010.

The Effects of Bath Salts

The use of bath salts has caused surprising effects on users, showing the drug is not only powerful, but also unpredictable. Most notably, bath salts have been linked to stories of cannibalism. This type of behavior is alarming, and it is not surprising hospitals do not know how to properly deal with bath salts patients. Bath salts have also shown to be highly addictive. While many users take bath salts in combination with other drugs, many claim them as their drug of choice.

Why Bath Salts Users May Need Long Term Rehab

Because bath salts are a new drug, no one is certain about the kind of treatment necessary to recover from bath salt addiction. For this reason, at home recovery from bath salts addiction is not recommended. This type of addiction, with a drug so dangerous, is best cared for under the supervision of professionals in a substance abuse treatment facility. No individual should take on the responsibility of recovering from this drug without professional assistance.

Get Help Now

Bath salts use is dangerous and highly risky. Doctors do not have established methods of dealing with bath salts cases, which makes overdoses even more dangerous than with other drugs. If someone you know is addicted to using bath salts, now is the time to seek help. (Photo via) The pictures in this blog are being used for illustrative purposes only; and any person depicted in the content, if any, is a model.

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