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U.S. Olympian Tests Positive for Steroids

Steroid abuse is most often linked to overly muscular men using the drug to get ahead in sports such as football, baseball, and weightlifting. It may come as a surprise to many that the female U.S. Olympic track star Debbie Dunn has withdrawn from the 4×400 meter relay team after testing positive for steroids.

Steroid Abuse in Sports

Steroids are often used by athletes because they improve physical performance by increasing the size of muscle fibers and quickening muscle repair. Steroid use in sports often leads to an addiction that may require a drug addiction rehab program for recovery. Debbie Dunn tested positive for testosterone, an anabolic steroid that is commonly used by athletes. Testosterone is a hormone that is produced naturally in men and women, but testosterone that is taken from outside of the body can cause serious harmful health effects.

The Dangers of Steroid Use

Testosterone abuse has been linked to several health concerns. The most dangerous health issues related to testosterone steroid use include an increased risk of breast cancer in women and the advancement of pre-existing prostate cancer in men. Another major concern with steroid use is the risk of forming a harmful addiction. Individuals who become addicted to using testosterone supplements continue to use the drug despite dangerous physical effects as well as strained personal relationships. Steroid users often continuously spend large amounts of money to purchase the drug as well as cover up their use.

When Respected Athletes Use Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Unlike typical street drugs, such as heroin or cocaine, many individuals consider performance-enhancing drugs to be less dangerous. And when respected athletes admit to using, they often perpetuate this misconception. Young people look up to professional athletes. When those professional athletes admit to using steroids, young fans do not see the damage the drugs could be causing to their bodies — they only see professional athletes performing well.

Preventing Steroid Use

If you have young athletes in your family, the best way to prevent steroid use — as well as any drug or alcohol use — is by communicating openly. Discuss the effects drugs such as steroids can have on the body, as well as career and reputation. Set a clear no-drug-or-alcohol policy in your home, and take the time to listen to your children and stay involved in their everyday life.

Recovering from Steroid Addiction

Men and women alike can fall into the temptation of steroid use. Individuals with low self-esteem or body image disorder are most susceptible to using performance-enhancing drugs. Once an addiction has formed, a drug rehab treatment program is the best way to fully detox and recover. Only professional addiction treatment can uncover the underlying reasons that led to using. The best treatment facilities offer customized treatment plans that give individuals struggling with addiction the tools they need to overcome cravings and deal with stress in a healthy way. If you or someone you know is addicted to using steroids, our drug rehab center can help. Contact us now before the addiction leads to a dangerous health condition. (Photo via Diliff) The Olympic logo is copyrighted and is owned by the IOC.

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