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A Rehab that Understands Individual Attention

You are not like anyone else. You possess unique preferences and interests, have certain ways in which you learn best, and face one-of-a-kind challenges. Our exclusive rehab programs honors your individuality. We begin your treatment by developing a plan specifically for you. No two treatment plans are the same at The Ranch PA because no two people are exactly the same. We treat your drug or alcohol addiction in a way that works for you. No matter what your addiction, our exclusive drug rehab at The Ranch PA provides just what you need to find your path to recovery. You are actively involved in developing your treatment plan. Alongside your therapist, you will determine which therapies and activities are best for you and decide what time to schedule therapy sessions. Whether you enjoy art or music and whether you feel your best in the morning or at night, the staff at The Ranch PA recognizes and works to meet your preferences. The Ranch PA accepts a limited number of clients at one time in our exclusive alcohol rehab. Staff members are easily accessible and available to clients. You will never be shadowed by a crowd during your stay at our facility. Thanks to the limited number of clients accepted into our program, our experienced staff has ample time and resources to devote to you, your unique challenges and one-of-a-kind recovery. Because life does not stop when you enter into rehab, you have many ways to spend your free time at The Ranch PA. If outdoor activities are relaxing to you, you can hike or bike on the grounds. A business coach and business center is available for those people who need to stay in touch with their careers. Those that enjoy cooking can take advantage of the gourmet kitchen. With individualized treatment and a variety of activities, The Ranch PA keeps you the focus of your rehab. Photo: The Ranch PA

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