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Follow Up Drug-Related Jail Time with Rehabilitation Therapy to Stay Sober

It is no secret drug and alcohol use often leads to crimes, such as violence and theft, and eventually jail time. Time spent in jail can be valuable for individuals to get sober and reflect upon their actions. However, most users will eventually turn to drugs and alcohol again if they do not undergo a rehabilitation program.

Tools for Recovery

Our drug and alcohol rehab center offers a team of professionals ready to assist clients with their recovery on every level. We provide a safe detox to start the process of overall healing. Psychotherapists help find the source of addiction and work through the issues that could trigger a future relapse. Also, a life purpose coach helps individuals discover their skills and build a plan for a better future. These are only a few of the many components of our holistic treatment center. No correctional institution can provide this type of healing to prevent relapse.

Prevent Future Jail Time

Just as users are likely to fall back into drugs and alcohol after serving time, they are also more likely to end up right back in jail from the drug use. This is why getting clean during a jail stay is simply not enough. Users who do not seek future help after jail time are likely to be caught in a vicious circle. Help keep your loved one from entering this cycle by suggesting a rehabilitation program. Following a jail stay is the perfect time to approach the issue because the individual is likely to be sober and evaluating their life. Don’t give them the opportunity to get re-engage with old habits. By offering your support, you could help someone you care about recover from their addiction and avoid prison time. (Photo via)

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