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The Importance of Detox Lies in the Process of Healing, Not Just Withdrawal

One of the biggest stumbling blocks in deciding to stop taking drugs or alcohol is the idea that it is a quick and easy process, and that a medical detox session can fully heal the effects of addiction. Many expect detox to be the cure, while it is in fact the first phase of recovery. True physical and emotional rehabilitation begins through the detox process. Once through this stage, rational decisions can be made to further your own health, safety and well-being.

State of Mind during Withdrawal

When a person is experiencing a detox, they typically become very sick from withdrawal. The sickness is so severe that it can affect the way they think, act and feel. For this reason, detox is not a time to realistically talk about recovering from an addiction. No one is in a good position to make life-altering decisions during such a physically demanding time. During detox, you should feel safe while experiencing withdrawals; however, keep in mind detox readies the body and mind to heal from addiction, but does not cure it.

Continuing Treatment for Addiction

Once through a supervised detox, you are best able to decide on the length of your treatment. If decided upon, our holistic long term rehab program properly addresses addiction so you have the tools you need as you travel down your path of recovery. Holistic drug rehabilitation focuses on all the areas of recovery, from the mental and physical aspects to emotional and spiritual healing and is recommended to stay on the recovery path. Though this thorough type of treatment can never take place during an initial detox, the detox process should never be taken lightly. Once successfully through detox, you’re thinking much more clearly and can decide which treatment is most effective for your situation. Remember, detoxification is the first step on your path to recovery. Though continuous treatment may be best for the full recovery of your mind, body and spirit, it is not always possible to continue rehab past a one or two week period. If you or someone you know would like to begin their path to recovery by thinking clearly, now is the time to seek a medically supervised, safe detox. (photo via)

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