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But He Didn’t Look Like an Addict — Glee Cast Members Spread Awareness

The death of popular Glee cast member Cory Monteith to an accidental heroin and alcohol overdose in July 2013 shocked the entertainment world. “Our friend Cory didn’t look or act like an addict,” fellow cast member Jane Lynch said. “He was happy, successful, and seemingly had it all.” The fact is that drug and alcohol addiction often passes unnoticed by loved ones until it is too late. Here’s how the cast of Glee is helping spread awareness that what we imagine as addiction doesn’t always look like addiction in real life. The Public Service Announcement Glee stars Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, and Kevin McHale recorded a public service announcement called “Our Friend” that aired during the episode “The Quarterback” on October 10. “Addiction is a serious disease that can hide in plain sight,” Morrison said during the PSA. “But no one needs to fight it alone.” Searching for Signs of Addiction The image of the “successful” abuser living a normal lifestyle is false. To an addict, getting more drugs or alcohol will always be the most important thing — more important than family, work, friends, and health. Addicts are experts at hiding their substance abuse problem. They lie about how much they use and how frequently they use and more. To someone trapped in the spiral of substance abuse, these lies are rational and necessary because the symptoms of withdrawal are intolerable. As addiction worsens, someone struggling with abuse will have to use drugs just to avoid these symptoms. Is your loved one missing work or having more disagreements with friends or colleagues than usual? Have you noticed changeable moods or a different appearance? Hanging out with a new crowd or spending more time alone are more signs; increasing legal and financial problems also indicate substance abuse could be a problem. What to Do if You Suspect Abuse If you suspect that someone you love is abusing drugs or alcohol, don’t try to treat an underlying drug addiction on your own. At The Ranch PA, our drug treatment program focuses on providing a holistic recovery that is specific to each individual’s needs. We have helped people beat drug and alcohol addiction — even when rehab has been tried before. Image: Gordon Correll

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