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Healing Pain without Dependence

Every day, millions of Americans struggle with chronic pain and subsequent dependence on prescription painkillers. Many who suffer from chronic pain receive prescriptions for “safe” drugs from their physicians only to discover they can’t quit taking them when they’d like, thus beginning a dangerous cycle of dependency. The Ranch PA has helped many individuals who have developed a dependency on prescription drugs not only break free from their addictions but also live healthier, pain-free—and drug-free—lifestyles.

The Ranch PA’s Pain Management Method

Our knowledgeable staff understands that those who have developed a dependency on prescription drugs began using them because of a legitimate need for pain management. Unfortunately, because painkillers affect brain chemistry in such a way that quitting suddenly results in very real painful side effects that are sometimes worse than the original condition, many find themselves continuing to use them to avoid the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. Our Pain Management Method helps clients live healthier, well-balanced lifestyles free from the burden of pain — and drugs.  The Ranch PA believes educating clients with regard to the differences between safe and appropriate pain management and dangerous, addictive drug use is essential to a life-lasting recovery from dependency — and we can help you determine what type of user you are. The Ranch PA provides a diverse array of holistic healing modalities that provide immediate relief from the symptoms of prescription drug dependency. Our clients participate in physical and occupational therapies, acupuncture, and nutrition training classes as well as activities such as Pilates. In addition, we also provide mental health therapies such as Motivational Interviewing Therapy, drug counseling, Art Therapy, and Music Therapy. At The Ranch PA, we build a comprehensive treatment plan individualized for each client that fully addresses both physical and psychological needs.

Prescription Drug Detoxification

Many who have a dependency on prescription drugs fear entering rehabilitation because they’re afraid of the uncomfortable symptoms frequently associated with detox. Our multifaceted approach uses medicinal care that helps rid clients of dependency as well as dangerous drug toxins. As the client heals, he or she begins to regain functionality. Following inpatient care, our aftercare coordinator implements a comprehensive follow-up treatment plan. Photo: mislav-marohnic 

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