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Holistic Alcohol Treatment: Giving it the Respect it Deserves

Holistic health in recent years has been seen as inferior to traditional western medicine. There are obvious differences between the two, and these differences have been a source of misunderstanding.

How Holistic Treatment Differs from Traditional Western Medicine

Holistic treatment focuses on the person as a whole, not just the ailment. For instance, if you are suffering from depression and consult a holistic practitioner, you will discuss not only your symptoms, but also your lifestyle. Do you exercise, are you taking vitamins, what are the current stressors in your life? Traditional western medicine, on the other hand, focuses mainly on the illness and the medications that can be used to treat the symptoms. Holistic treatment also differs in the role the patient plays. With traditional medicine, the doctor has the medical knowledge and, therefore, the answers. A patient-doctor relationship is similar to that of a child-parent relationship. On the other hand, with holistic medicine, the patient plays a more integral role in his or her treatment. Doctor and patient become more like co-workers.

Major Misunderstands of Holistic Medicine

While holistic treatment is finally gaining traction in the medical community – illustrated by the fact Harvard, Duke and the University of California all have centers for integrated medicine – there are plenty of myths that hold it back from the full acceptance it deserves in our society. Many people believe it is belief-based, rather than reality-based. The fact is reputable studies support a scientific correlation between treatment and effects. While we may not understand why holistic treatment works, study after study shows it does. Many point to the placebo effect, claiming holistic treatment is successful in making people feel better because the patient believes it works. However, the placebo effect is just as prevalent in all medicine. Moreover, as long as the treatment is producing successful results, and often in a healthier way than traditional treatments, should it really matter?

Holistic Drug Treatment is No Different

Just as acupuncture has been proven to lessen symptoms of nausea related to chemotherapy, it also provides relief during withdrawal. With holistic drug treatment, the sufferer is treated as a whole, not just focusing on the addiction. Sobriety can only be achieved when one is well in mind, body and spirit. Otherwise, the person struggling with addiction won’t have the power to withstand relapse. Instead of just addressing the addiction, The Ranch PA’s holistic alcohol treatment centers on empowering the alcoholic or drug addict, providing the foundation needed to travel the lifelong road to recovery. Photo: The Ranch PA

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