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3 Treatments for Alcoholism: Which One is Best for You?

The greatest key to a successful, life-long sobriety is the proper support. When you have created a good support system, received therapies to understand your addiction, and gained the tools you need to stay sober, you will have a better chance of success on your road to recovery. At our alcoholism treatment center, we tailor your recovery plan to your unique preferences, goals and challenges. We offer an array of holistic therapies and you’ll work with our caring staff to determine the best ones for you. Here are 3 of the many therapies and treatments for alcoholism we offer: 1. Cognitive Behavioral Your alcoholism is deep-rooted. There are underlying issues that contribute to and trigger your addiction. Without bringing these issues to light, you won’t be able to break free from the unhealthy behaviors holding you back from a life free of addiction. By working with our licensed psychiatrist and therapists, you’ll get to the root of your alcoholism, taking away its power while empowering you. 2. Dual Diagnosis If you’re suffering from an underlying mental illness, you require a different type of treatment than if you were struggling with alcoholism alone. This becomes even more critical if you are currently medicated for your mental illness. The Ranch PA specializes in dual diagnoses. We’ll work with you to provide a careful and accurate diagnosis so you can receive the proper treatment while addressing your addiction. 3. Pain Management Suffering from chronic pain puts you at great risk of developing an unhealthy dependence on pain medications or reliance on alcohol. It also requires a specialized form of withdrawal to ensure your pain needs are properly addressed as unhealthy levels of pain medications are removed from your system. Our unique pain management treatment addresses not only your addiction to alcohol and pain medications, but also your underlying pain, giving you the resources you need to take care of your body in a healthy way. These are just 3 of the many treatments The Ranch PA offers. Our holistic approach includes a variety of therapies that address your mind, body and spirit. (photo via)

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