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Is There Hope for Drug Addiction?

Many addicts and their families fear the shame and guilt associated with substance abuse. Some even feel there is no hope to be had. The good news is that modern addiction science has progressed further than ever before, and now more than ever there are real, lifelong solutions to the disease of substance abuse. Explore the reasons why drug and alcohol treatment centers are reaching more people successfully, and find out how you or your loved one can finally find a satisfying, lifelong sobriety. Modern Addiction Science Back when the famous 12-step program launched in 1939, people didn’t talk about addiction. They didn’t acknowledge alcohol or drug abuse, and they certainly didn’t know what to do about it — except for quit cold turkey or suffer the consequences. Over time, however, addiction has revealed itself as a disease that is neither shameful nor untreatable, and this increased awareness encourages more and more people to get help every day. Rehab centers today focus on far more than the 12-step approach to sobriety.  Instead, the modern drug addiction recovery center utilizes a medically-managed detoxification process, a host of holistic therapies designed to enhance the recovering addict’s mind, body and spirit, and amenities that offer constant reminders that living a sober lifestyle doesn’t have to feel like a drag. Because modern addiction treatment often includes a dual diagnosis—the practice of treating the root causes of addiction via therapeutic or pharmacological means—recovering addicts can more easily heal the whole self. A Greater Awareness As the depth and breadth of modern addiction science improves its effectiveness, increasing numbers of recovered addicts are coming forward to reveal their own tales of rehabilitation as well as the techniques they use to stay sober and satisfied. This raised awareness helps those currently struggling to get or stay sober feel less lonely; it also helps with feelings of secret shame and guilt. Seeing how someone else was able to turn it around — no matter how badly off they were when using — is inspiring. Ultimately, when it comes to recovering from addiction, more than ever before there is growing awareness that there is a path to sobriety. There is safety in the fellowship of numbers. Quite simply, there is a way to find clarity through rehab — if only you can seek it out. Image: Jhong Dizon

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