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Improving Your Spiritual Health in Rehab

Recovering from substance abuse is more than healing physically, and it’s more than an exercise in mental discipline; people who desire a true, lifelong recovery from addiction must continue to nourish and improve spiritual health as well. For some recovering addicts, this means religious drug rehab; for others, connecting the body, mind, and spirit works best in a non-dogmatic, spiritual rehab environment. A Holistic Approach to Spiritual Health Many recovering addicts find solace and healing in the soothing rituals and ages-old beliefs of organized religion. Those who embrace a higher power — whether Christian or Jewish or Buddhist — find connecting the body, mind, and spirit easier when they place power with an all-knowing savior. Those who have not made a personal connection with organized religion, however, can still find balance between body, mind, and spirit when a holistic approach to substance abuse recovery is employed. When a substance abuse treatment facility embraces a holistic approach to healing, it is well positioned to provide the kind of compassionate, individualized care that makes a spiritual recovery possible. This philosophy not only embraces an all-religions-are-welcome mentality, it also nurtures a spiritually-stimulating environment that asks each community member to reflect on the choices and lifestyle that’s right for them. Making the Journey to Sobriety as Smooth and Simple as Possible The point to spiritual healing is to make the journey to a lifelong sobriety as smooth and simple as possible. For some recovering addicts, spiritual healing means taking comfort in the soothing rituals of organized religion. For others, it’s reconnecting with a strong sense of self through personal expression and ample time for reflection. Promoting Serenity and Healthy Habits The ultimate goal of any religious or spiritual rehab program is to promote a lifelong sense of serenity and a lifestyle comprised of healthy, sober habits. When the recovering addict learns that the body, the mind, and the spirit are linked together so the health of one depends on the others, the addict learns to protect that sense of serenity by reengaging with once-treasured interests and people — and remembering that healthy habits are the key to a sober, satisfying lifestyle. Photo: Dr. Wendy Longo 

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