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Kindergarten Student Brings Heroin to School

The recent news in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania described an almost impossible situation. A seven year old boy brought eighteen bags of heroin to class and gave them away to three students. The bags were found after the boy cut his finger on a razor blade and teachers became suspicious. Thereafter, they found the eighteen bags of heroin in his backpack and locker. Police believe the boy did not know what the substance was, but will still face discipline from the school. Reportedly, the boy told authorities he got the packets from his father’s room. However, when the house was searched, police did not find any trace of drugs. This sort of situation is indeed shocking for a community, especially when the drugs were given out to other students and taken to their homes. It is probable the 7-year old student did not know what the substance was, but the issue becomes where he got the bags. It is apparent the child has been in an environment where the bags were readily available to take. Pending the final results of this case, it is important to see the neglect of the boy’s family, who either exposed him to these types of drugs or allowed him to walk through the streets in the presence of the drugs, where anyone could put it into his backpack. We are reminded to lock our medicine in cabinets or drawers to keep medications and alcohol away from children who may not know better, like this kindergartener who had access to highly dangerous and illegal street drugs. The amount of heroin the boy had in his possession could have killed him and the friends he passed it out to. Heroin is sold in bags typically the size of a stamp and contains a brand stamped on the bag. In this case, it was a rabbit coming out of a hat; hence the boy called it “the magic ticket”. Heroin is a semi-synthetic opiate synthesized from morphine. The drug is highly addictive, creating tolerance very quickly along with a physical dependence. As it is one of the most addictive drugs in the world, those dependent on it go into withdrawal if they discontinue use after 6 to 24 hours. Heroin is very harmful to internal organs. Treatment for heroin addiction requires detoxification and, many times, medical care. (photo via)

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