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Rehab: A Revolving Door for Celebrities

It’s difficult to go even one week without hearing about a celebrity who has recently entered a rehab facility. The fact of the matter is many celebrities and public figures struggle with addictions for a variety of reasons. Often times it is a recreational habit that comes from wealth and a famous social circle. The pressure that comes along with being a public figure, having a wealthy lifestyle and a large social schedule are all factors that cause many celebrities to turn to drugs and alcohol in order to escape the pressures. As you may notice, celebrities do not often visit rehab facilities just once. Multiple visits to rehab are many times necessary to get these individuals on the full path to recovery. A large part of recovery is the action of surrounding yourself with people who encourage your recovery. Unfortunately, celebrities’ friends are often the culprits for enticing them back into drugs and alcohol. Without a support network, it is likely they’ll start taking drugs and drinking again. Many celebrity Rehab patients need a long-term rehab structure to recover and often do not take the necessary time to get better. After entering rehab, a sincere desire to change must develop based on the levels of internal motivation the person has. It takes courage to make the life-changing decision to enter rehab, and while going through the rehab process, celebrities must consciously desire to be sober and remain sober while keeping a close network of supportive friends and family. When celebrities leave rehab and relapse, it can be even more difficult for them to decide, once more, to come back to the facility. Relapse is a risk for any rehab patient. Utilizing transition coaches and aftercare programs is the best way to ensure the recovery process continues. Follow up calls and meetings are encouraged and keeping in touch with housemates from the rehab facility can help as well. Anyone is susceptible to relapse upon leaving rehab, but preparing properly for life after rehab is the key to successful recovery. (photo via)

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