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Is Long Term Drug Rehab the Best Option for You?

Considering Long-Term Drug Rehab

Seeking help for substance abuse dependence is an extremely personal decision. If you have chosen to seek inpatient or residential treatment, you will need to decide the length of your treatment program. Individualized care is important for your success. Consider the following options, and then discuss long term and short term drug rehab options with a professional. The Ranch PA is staffed by medical and substance abuse professionals and offers both long term and short term drug rehab programs. Typically drug rehab focuses on detox, individual and group therapy, in addition to lifestyle changes. The Ranch PA uses an individualized, holistic approach. The goal of these treatments is abstinence or keeping you off drugs, while getting you back in touch with those healthy activities you once enjoyed. Inpatient drug rehabilitation may be shorter term or longer term depending on preference or needs. Long term drug rehab provides a variety of therapies that directly address your wellness needs. A treatment program tailored to these needs and personal goals will allow for your overall healing. In long term rehab, you have an extended amount of time to develop new healthy habits and learn new behaviors that will keep you on your path to recovery. It also provides you with the opportunity to take the time you need to focus on getting better, away from the pressures of daily life. The length of stay in this type of program depends on the client’s progress in treatment. However, a longer stay is usually associated with more successful sobriety. Longer-term treatment correlates positively with treatment outcomes, according to research conducted by the United States Center for Substance Abuse Treatment (CSAT). Short term drug rehab utilizes the same therapies as a long term program. However, the length of stay can be as short as fourteen days. Clients choosing short term treatment have less time in a supportive environment to develop healthy habits and coping strategies. You begin your recovery at the inpatient level and must have a strong aftercare plan in order to continue your recovery in outpatient treatment and at home. Whether you choose long term or short term, inpatient treatment is only the beginning of your sobriety. An important aspect of your treatment is a well thought out aftercare plan. A plan to continue healthy life habits and coping skills is essential in maintaining sobriety. An effective aftercare plan spells out the tools which will help you stay sober and includes continuing contact with substance abuse professionals. Photo by: Joe Lanman

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