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Jonathan Rhys Meyers: Refusing Treatment in a Drug Recovery Center

Do celebrities have a higher rate of addiction than the general population? Or do we think they do because they are publicized? Jonathan Rhys Meyers, the star of the hit show The Tudors, is yet another celebrity making headlines for his battles with alcohol and drug addiction. He has sought help in the past for his alcohol problem, but this event also included pills. Paramedics were called to the scene to find the T.V. star slumped on the floor in his home the night of June 28. Meyers initially refused treatment, so the police were called. A Scotland Yard spokesman was quoted: “We can confirm we were called by the London Ambulance Service to an address in NW8 to report to a man refusing treatment. Police attended, and the man was taken by ambulance to a central London hospital. That was the end of our involvement.” This relapse stems from a deeper problem. The more serious issue, however, may be his refusal to seek treatment. In order to successfully rehabilitate, one must recognize the seriousness of the problem. Because Meyers initially refused treatment, it suggests he isn’t realizing the seriousness of his addiction to drugs and alcohol or was hoping to continue hiding it. If Meyers re-evaluates and decides to seek treatment, his sobriety will be a life-long journey. The key to his recovery is the type of treatment he receives. The focus needs to not only be on his addiction, but rather his entire life, including the many pressures he faces being constantly subjected to the public eye. At The Ranch PA, our drug recovery center has programs geared specifically for public figures. Not only is public life a contributor to addiction, it can be a hindrance to treatment. That’s why at our drug rehab center, we tailor recovery programs to the specific needs of the public figure, including privacy as they begin their journey of sobriety. In addition to meeting the specific needs of a public figure, our drug and alcohol treatment center creates a recovery plan based on the person as a whole, not just focusing on the addiction. Holistic treatment is key, especially because addiction affects every aspect of one’s life, including their public life, as we’ve seen with Meyers. (photo via

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