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Does Your Loved One Need Long-Term Rehab?

Once your loved one agrees to go to alcohol or drug rehab, he or she may have concerns with the length of rehab. Such concerns are especially common among active professionals who worry that spending time away from work will adversely affect their productivity and professional reputation. Parents also worry rehab will take them away from children for long periods. Most likely, your loved one just wants to finish rehab as quickly as possible. Additionally, the idea of months of treatment seems overwhelming. It is important to not dwell on the time commitment of long-term rehab, because it might be necessary for the road to recovery. It is best not to dwell on the length of time your family member or friend will spend in rehab, as doing so may cause them to avoid seeking the help they need. Instead, let the rehab staff discuss short and long-term drug rehab options with your loved one. We will ensure that you or your loved one receive the help they need, no matter how long it takes.

Individualized Care

Each person entering a drug or alcohol treatment center has a unique set of needs, issues, and concerns. Therefore, their treatment should be tailored to match these characteristics. Some clients only require 14 to 30-day stays with continuing outpatient support. However, what works for one person might not work for the next person. It is important to remember that everyone’s recovery will look different and some clients will require more time in an inpatient facility. This inpatient treatment might require long-term alcohol rehab, with stays extending to 60 days or more. The therapists in our facility at The Ranch PA have the training and experience needed to help your loved one determine the best length of stay. Additionally, we will explain the need for the length of stay and will work with the client to accept it.

Long-Term Rehab and Treatment Success

Long-term rehab tends to be more successful than shorter periods of treatment. Longer clinical stays isolate you or your loved one from the temptation of drugs or alcohol. Additionally, it gives him or her time to identify and address the emotional or psychological issues underlying addiction. It will allow the client to practice more ways to say no to drugs or alcohol and ingrain recovery into their daily life. This way, when the client is ready to leave the facility, they will be equipped with all the tools they need for a lifetime of recovery. They will be better prepared for all of the difficult choices they will have to face after rehab. In addition, longer rehab stays give people more time to learn new habits and ways of thinking. These new habits replace established behavior and thoughts that encourage substance abuse. In cases where underlying mental illness causes substance abuse, longer rehab periods allow effective treatment of both conditions. Ultimately, the length of time someone spends in rehab is not as important as the treatment outcome. Whether your loved one needs a short term, 30-day stay, or 90-days of long-term care, what is important is their recovery and ability to function without drugs or alcohol after leaving the clinic. Your loved one is a complex, unique individual, and his or her care should reflect this.

How The Ranch PA Can Help With Long-Term Rehab

The Ranch PA is here to help you at every step of the way. We will determine the right treatment plan for you or your loved one based on each individual person and their specific needs. We can help you whether you need a short outpatient treatment or a longer, more intensive inpatient program. Call us at 717.969.9126 to learn about all of the options we offer for recovery.

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