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It Matters: Marijuana and Education

Marijuana and Education

Education is more important for today’s students than ever before. With college degrees becoming ubiquitous, both high school and college students are under intense pressure to succeed. Marijuana and education are both present in many student’s lives, but the two don’t mix well. When it comes to marijuana and education, the student’s present and future could be at risk.

Education Matters

Our children and our youth continually hear parents, teachers, and adult authority figures warning them about substance abuse. We see and have probably experienced ourselves, those stern voices, and wagging fingers saying, “drugs are bad!” Older people may remember being shown movies like “Reefer Madness” in order to enforce the separation between marijuana and education.

Education doesn’t look like a reprimand, and shouldn’t be sensationalized. While in the past marijuana and education sensationalism have gone together, today’s America is different. With marijuana legalized in many states and popularized in culture and medicine, clarifying marijuana and education is as important as ever.

The Importance of Marijuana and Education

Like many powerful opioids, marijuana is simultaneously a medicine and an addictive substance. Although it’s not fully legal, marijuana’s increasing “grey” image in the public eye makes separating marijuana and education difficult for authority figures.  As opposed to scare tactics, the better ploy might be to point out the eventual consequences of mixing marijuana and education.

Marijuana makes you feel slowed down, and that’s no accident. The active chemicals in marijuana alter your brain chemistry, making memory and thought to process less effective. Altering brain chemistry is understandably not good for education. We are curious by nature and telling people not to do something without a valid explanation only sparks curiosity. This is particularly true for young people, who for time immemorial have been tempted by the lure of the forbidden. In fact, the over-the-top rhetoric around marijuana and education in the past helped to drive its original counter-cultural popularity.

For some people, they have to learn the downsides of marijuana the hard way. For those who want to extricate themselves from marijuana addiction, The Ranch PA can help.

Knowledge Is Power

When it comes to topics like marijuana and education, knowledge truly is power. The more we know, the more informed we are and the better decisions we can make. From the youngest of us to the oldest, freedom and power lies in understanding and knowledge, not fear and hiding.

Learn about drugs, get educated about the facts, and then make informed and smart decisions. Learning is how we prevent more youth from taking the wrong path or making poor and uninformed choices. It is how those battling addiction can break their chains and lies of addiction.

Seeking Education and Recovery

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