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Dangers of Designer Drugs

Designers drugs are synthetically-enhanced narcotics designed to increase potency while minimizing negative side effects. Many of these drugs are engineered in labs and distributed on the streets or in clubs. Examples of designer drugs include methamphetamines, LSD, spice, or ecstasy. In spite of their popularity, the dangers of designer drugs are inherent, as they lead to a wide range of side effects. Although most designer drugs are illegal, some manage to stay within the law due to their connection with prescription drug mixtures or because they contain common household items. Furthermore, more designer drugs are released on the market each year, making them hard to track.

What Are the Dangers of Designer Drugs

Often, deals and users tout designer drugs as a safer alternative to mainstream drugs such as cocaine or heroin. However, several risks put them in league with other narcotics. Since they are synthesized, users often do not know what they are taking. For this reason, designer drugs can cause terminal health conditions or even fatality. People who use K2, synthetic marijuana, or spice may end up in the emergency room. In some cases, users have suffered from a catatonic state, which is similar to a coma. However, people continue to use designer drugs because they are easy to make, accessible, and inexpensive.

Common Designer Drugs

With the influx of new designer drugs that arrive on the market, it’s hard to keep up with new products. Many of these products are created in makeshift labs, basements, or in bedrooms. Some of the most common designer drugs include:

  • Spice
  • K2
  • LSD
  • Fentanyl
  • Ecstasy
  • Methamphetamine

These drugs regularly appear at raves, clubs, and house parties. Furthermore, they have become part of numerous sub-cultures, making them even more difficult to identify or control. Designer drugs are especially appealing to teenagers and college students who want a quick, cheap fix.


Common drugs associated with marijuana include K2, Kronic, Spice, Genie, Black Mamba, and Fake Weed. Marijuana is a popular drug to mix with other chemicals due to its euphoric effects and the perception that it is a harmless drug. When combined with other substances, marijuana activates the cannabinoid receptors at a level that is far higher than THC. As a result, the mixture can have a toxic effect, often causing users to visit the emergency room.


Common drugs associated with opioids include U4, Green Jollies, Gray Death, Apache, Krokodil, and China White. The synthetic drugs are potent when combined with other substances. They can produce an extreme high that lasts for up to an hour. Fentanyl is a common substance in most of these drugs. When combined with morphine or heroin, fentanyl can be fatal or cause terminal health conditions. These are some of the deadliest designer drugs on the market today.


Common drugs associated with amphetamines include Bath Salts, Pixie Dust, Flakka, Hurricane Charlie, Vanilla Sky, and Zoom. These types of drugs are design to mimic the effects of amphetamines but at a higher level. They also lead to a wide range of side effects such as anxiety, delusions, suicidal tendencies, psychosis, and death. The most basic element in amphetamine-based drugs is Bath Salts, which are incredibly dangerous if inhaled. While most drugs only include a tiny dosage of bath salts, users do not know the levels of bath salts in their drugs. Therefore, they are likely to overdose.

Learn More About the Dangers of Designer Drugs

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