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5 Most Commonly Abused Drugs by College Students

Drug temptations exist within the exciting and monumental milestone of college life. Whether you’re heading to college or a parent, you may wonder: what are the most commonly abused drugs by college students? The answer to this question might surprise you. If you know someone in college who needs help, be sure to enroll them in an alcohol addiction treatment center Hanover PA to help them get the help they need to recover. In any event, read on to learn more about the most popular drugs college students use and sometimes abuse.

What are the Most Commonly Abused Drugs by College Students?

Drug abuse can be defined by a repeat process of consuming drugs regardless of the repercussions. Drugs have a negative impact on all aspects of an addict’s life. For college students, the risk of addiction is even higher, thanks to peer pressure and newfound adulthood. When addiction occurs, The Ranch PA offers men’s and women’s drug rehab centers in PA for your loved one. Some of the most commonly abused drugs by college students include:

  1. Marijuana – this all-natural drug has long been a favorite of college students
  2. Stimulants – whether it’s Adderall or cocaine, stimulants are a popular choice among college students who claim they help them study or stay focused
  3. Hallucinogens – from mushrooms to LSD, college students use hallucinogens to take a “trip” with their friends or at festivals and concerts
  4. Alcohol – aside from the typical drugs, college students use and abuse alcohol in extremely high numbers, and it’s the number-one substance for most people who are of college-age
  5. Ecstasy – common at concerts and music festivals, college students are using ecstasy in ever-increasing numbers

Helping College Students Avoid or Cope with Addiction

Attending college is a milestone for many people, but addiction can derail plans in an instant. If you know someone in college who’s struggling with addiction, you might wonder how you can help. In particular, there are several things to assist friends or family members to avoid drug addiction or recover:

  • Support – provide college students with a stable support system free of judgment to help them feel confident and able to resist temptation
  • Resources – many college students may not know there is always help available for addiction. Many campuses even offer on-site therapy and rehab programs
  • Education – drug education is key to helping many college students understand the harms and threats of addiction which makes educational programs essential to preventing addiction in the first place
  • Prevention – a variety of drug use prevention programs can ensure that your college student stays away from drugs and alcohol

Help for Your College Student

Whether you’re the parent of a college student or a roommate, know the most commonly abused drugs by college students. Above all, education is the key to ensure that college kids stay away from the dangers of drugs and alcohol. When someone abuses drugs, they’re putting their physical and mental well-being at risk. Luckily, there are substance abuse treatment programs in PA available for college students to help them detox and receive the help they need for a sober, successful life. The Ranch PA offers a wide variety of rehab therapy programs for addicts of any age group. Call today at 717.969.9126 for enrollment options and to answer any questions you have. Contact The Ranch PA to find your path to recovery. The first step is yours. We’ll help with the rest.

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