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Myth: Mothers with Addiction Do Not Care About Their Children

News stories about mothers suffering from addiction are fairly common. Stories about mothers neglecting children during drug binges, leaving children alone in toxic meth labs, or exposing kids to drug paraphernalia, smoke and syringes creates the impression mothers who suffer from addiction don’t care about their children. The truth is much more complex. Mothers struggling with addiction do care about their children; many recovering addicts cite their children’s well-being as motivation for entering rehab. The problem is addiction alters a person’s true behavior. Under the powerful hold of an addiction, people do things they would never dream of doing in normal situations. Extending help to mothers with substance abuse issues — instead of condemning them — would help both mothers and children escape the cycle of addiction. Unfortunately, such news stories are usually less about helping people in need and more about instilling a sense of smug superiority in the viewer. “I’d never do that to my kid,” is a common response. It’s also wrong. Under the influence of substance abuse, the viewer might well engage in exactly the same behavior.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Mothers

Addiction rehab is an essential step for mothers suffering from substance abuse. During treatment, children need to be cared for by someone else, either family members or, if necessary, Child and Social Services. This is only a temporary separation; it should be the goal of everyone involved to reunite the family after treatment. While individualized treatment is important for addiction recovery, at The Ranch PA we understand family members also need support. Educating spouses and children on the nature of addiction lets families take active roles in the treatment process. Family therapy helps rebuild healthy bonds within the family unit. Addictive behavior is no indication of a mother’s love for her children, and thousands of addicted parents achieve sobriety every year. At The Ranch PA, we help parents overcome addictive behavior so they can once more provide the love and care their children need. Photo: Cia de FotoThe pictures in this blog are being used for illustrative purposes only; and any person depicted in the content, if any, is a model.

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