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Former Addict? Share Your Story!

Because addiction recovery continues after leaving our treatment facility, we offer a customized aftercare plan for you. Your unique aftercare treatment plan will include a variety of support systems and treatments, one of which can be working with others who are struggling with addiction. Many clients find a sense of fulfillment sharing their stories of addiction and recovery with people currently undergoing addiction treatment and rehab. By sharing your own story of recovery with others, you show them successful treatment is possible. Depression and self-doubt are common during substance abuse recovery; meeting someone who successfully completed treatment can boost client’s hopes and morale. Addicts also often feel isolated and alone. By interacting with others who understand their struggle, they find comfort. Sharing your story not only benefits others, it can help you as you continue down your path to lifelong recovery. It can be empowering to see your past experiences mirrored in other people, reminding you that you once stood where they are now, a way to highlight how far you’ve come. You can share your story at support groups, volunteer to talk to people in recovery facilities, or take part in online recovery forums.

Relapse and Recovery

Relapse is a potential recovery complication. If you’ve experienced relapse, sharing your story can have a powerful impact on others in substance abuse programs. Some people assume relapse means treatment has failed. By sharing how you relapsed and, more importantly, recovered from relapse, you help others understand lifelong recovery is possible despite setbacks.

Justin Daniels and The Ranch PA

The founder of The Ranch PA understands just how powerful helping other people can be. Justin Daniels fought his own battle with alcohol. His desire to help others overcome abuse and dependency lead directly to The Ranch PA. Having traveled the substance recovery road himself, Justin understands multiple paths to recovery exist. At The Ranch PA, we provide clients with a holistic approach to addiction treatment, offering physical, mental and spiritual healing. Photo: Justin Daniels, Founder of The Ranch PA

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