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National ADHD Awareness Month

ADHD has become a problematic disease that impacts millions of people around the world. Thankfully, National ADHD Awareness Month helps to teach people about this condition and how they can manage it more effectively. And going to an ADHD treatment center in Hanover, PA, you can learn to understand ADHD and receive proper treatment at the same time.

National ADHD Awareness Month in 2019

Every October, National ADHD Awareness Month helps to unite the country and those who experience this disease. A variety of activities and educational opportunities provide insight into this condition and how it impacts the lives of millions. News media companies often go through a variety of interviews to help powerfully highlight these issues and events. Activities differ based on the state in which a person lives. For example, a number of peer support groups typically appear in just about every state. These groups help to teach people about the impact of ADHD and how to manage it in a person’s life. Just as importantly, people can attend workshops providing insight into complex issues, such as defiance in children with this disorder. Issues like defiance, confusion, and social anxiety also showcase the importance of National ADHD Awareness Month 2019. People attending these events get the chance not only to learn more about ADHD in general but how to handle it better. And those without ADHD can learn about the many, many ways that it impacts the lives of those with this disease.

How ADHD Impacts Lives

Studies have shown that people with ADHD—whether children or adults—often have social issues that make their lives more difficult. For example, people with ADHD may struggle to make and keep friends. Their impulsiveness and difficulty controlling their emotions may cause them to lash out at others or be challenging to handle emotionally in many situations. These behavior issues often develop at a young age but worsen as a person matures. In some cases, people may develop an oppositional defiant disorder, which makes them react negatively to authority figures. These behavior issues may make a child act poorly in class or cause conflict between an adult and their employers. As a result, treatment is essential.

ADHD Treatment Options

ADHD treatment is a significant part of National ADHD Awareness Month celebrations. For example, adults with this disease need to pay attention to how it affects their social lives. And parents of children with ADHD also need to grasp how their children suffer in school. For example, studies have shown that children and adults with ADHD may need behavior therapy to manage their symptoms. Behavioral therapy teaches people coping mechanisms for their ADHD, such as calm breathing, how to refocus, and much more. This care option often works best with young children due to their more flexible minds. However, many adults can benefit from this care option because they can dedicate themselves to their difficulties more quickly than many children likely can. Alternative treatments can teach mindfulness and help each individual relax and relieve stress. Medication also provides relief for many individuals, especially children. These medications help to focus the mind and eliminate the excess energy caused by this problem. A big part of the activities around National ADHD Awareness Month 2019 focuses on teaching people how to properly take these medications and the different methods used in their application.

How The Ranch PA Can Help

If someone you love—or you—has ADHD and you want help during this National ADHD Awareness Month, please contact us at The Ranch PA. Call us at 717.969.9126 to set up an appointment with experts who fully understand this problem. We can provide dual-diagnosis care, family therapy, and motivational interviewing on a relaxing 15-acre rural campus to help you recover during National ADHD Awareness Month in 2019.

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