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Using Music for Addiction Therapy Is a Powerful Treatment Option

Drug addiction requires medical treatment for proper management. However, many treatment centers use holistic treatment to provide care for the mind, body, and soul. Art therapy, music therapy, and other holistic treatments offer additional services to patients. The music studio at The Ranch PA rehab provides another outlet for individuals recovering from addiction so that they can become happier and healthier people.

Music Has a Unique Power on the Mind

While using music for addiction recovery may seem like a New Age way of managing this problem, medical science believes there is a connection. For example, a study by the University of Central Florida carefully examined the impact that music has on the mind and why so many people react to it. The study focused on problems such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and how music impacted their care. In the study, scientists found that various parts of the brain would light up, often areas heavily impacted by these diseases. Some individuals would experience increased mental capability – temporarily – and lower levels of stress and pain symptoms. These advantages occurred in many different patients and were very promising in the treatment of this disease. The study found that music provided these benefits. Treatment also boosted the immune system, repaired brain damage, made people smarter, and helped to reduce seizures. And while this study didn’t focus on using music for addiction recovery, other studies exist that explored this potentially life-changing treatment option.

Using Music for Addiction Recovery

As interest in music therapy spreads around the nation, a growing number of studies test its benefits. A majority of these studies have found benefits with music therapy. Importantly, none of these research projects suggest using music as a single therapy. However, most believe it has advantages as a supplemental care option for those with a substance abuse disorder. For example, a study titled “The Use of Art and Music Therapy in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs” stated that music therapy created a “…decrease in anxiety, depression, anger, and stress” in those with addiction. Though they didn’t indicate that these effects were not higher than other treatment methods, they found that it could be used with other care options to improve a person’s quality of life. In a similar study, entitled “Music Therapy’s Impact on Substance Abuse Recovery,” it was concluded that “Music therapy is an effective form of addiction recovery therapy…” and that “Music is beneficial in addressing both addictive behaviors and the causes for those behaviors.” In essence, music could help manage both underlying concerns. These include depression and anxiety, and addiction use triggers, such as stressful situations.

The Music Type Used Varies

Researchers in the University of Central Florida study noticed an exciting element of music therapy: the most effective music treatment option varied by person. For example, some people reacted best to classical music when using music in addiction recovery. However, others reacted best to rock, country, funk, synthesizer, rap, or funk music. The benefits varied based on a person’s taste. For example, a person who hated country music experienced agitation when exposed to this type of music. Likewise, people who grew up listening to this genre or who appreciated it responded well. As a result, a little research is necessary to ensure that treatment is effective.

Finding the Help That You Need

At The Ranch PA in Hanover, PA, we provide access to comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment, including holistic addiction therapies. These therapies are applied alongside other evidence-based therapies so that you can begin total recovery. An addiction treatment program could include:

If you’re interested in using music or other therapies in your recovery, please contact us at The Ranch PA today. Call 717.969.9126 to speak with a caring professional who understands your pain. You can learn more about music therapy as well as medical detox, dual-diagnosis treatment, family therapy, the 12-step program, motivational interviewing, and more. Relax with us in a rural setting and watch your addiction fade away.

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