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National Depression Screening Day

This National Depression Screening Day is a great time to stop for a moment and consider how addiction and depression can be a dangerous combination. Many people do not recognize that when addiction and depression combine, both become harder to treat. This month’s National Depression Screening Day 2019 is a strong reminder that there is a lot of misconception around both illnesses, but there are also proven treatments that work. Let’s take a look at depression and addiction, and how you can get treatment at the depression treatment center Hanover PA goes to.

They Often Go Together

National Depression Screening Day reminds us that depression can pop up in many unexpected places. Often, this can come alongside addiction and other related disorders. Addiction and depression can have many common causes. Both have social and biological components that can make either more likely to happen. The social components include common factors such as poverty and isolation. Addiction and depression are both more common along those lines than they are apart. Other social factors include the community you or a loved one are in and their history with both depression and any past instances of addiction or addictive behavior. The biological factors are just as nuanced as the social ones. These can include things like other illnesses, genetic factors, and family history. Depression and addiction often find themselves trailing other illnesses that add to the difficulty of life and tend to have a “spiraling” effect. There are also biological factors like your genetics and family history that can have an effect. People with parents who struggled with addiction or depression are more likely to experience it themselves. The dual diagnosis treatment center in Hanover, PA heals both the body and mind.

Depression and Addiction Aren’t Your Fault

Depression, just like addiction, is not your fault. National Depression Screening Day is a great day to keep this fact about illness in mind. Just like you wouldn’t blame someone for catching a cold, addiction and depression are illnesses and are not personal faults. If you or a loved one are experiencing either of these illnesses, you don’t need to blame them or yourself for their troubles. Treating these disorders as illnesses, rather than moral problems, is an effective way to help the recovery process on both fronts.

Treatment Can Help

Treatment for addiction and depression is part of what National Depression Screening Day is all about. Getting a screening for depression can help you make important decisions about the direction of your treatment. It can be hard, especially in the thick of illness, to be able to decide if you have clinical depression. Getting screened for depression gives you a concrete answer one way or the other, and that allows you to take action and start the process of recovery. When addiction and depression go together, they tend to spiral with each other. If you treat one, but not the other, they can often start each other again. This is why finding a treatment center that can handle both is so important. Since these two illnesses travel together so often, making their combined treatment a priority is the best way to recover if you are experiencing both. These treatments are proven to have better outcomes and can help you finally get ahead of your addiction and depression.

Contact The Ranch PA

If you or a loved one are experiencing addiction and depression, the National Depression Screening Day 2019 is a great day to reach out for help. Addiction can take control of our lives. Contact The Ranch PA for hope through treatment. Reach out to us at 717.969.9126 for more information on how becoming our client can help you recover.

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