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Preparing for Rehab: What to Do Before Heading in for Care

If you’re ready to change your life and enter into drug and alcohol treatment, you may be wondering how to make that possible. Life gets in the way. You have responsibilities to manage. You also need to consider what rehab may do to your future. Preparing for rehab can seem overwhelming in itself, but with a few helpful tips and strategies from The Ranch PA, you can take that first step with confidence.

Prepare at Home Responsibilities

When preparing for rehab, one of the first steps to take is to get your home life in order. That may mean finding support for your significant other for your children. It also may mean ensuring that your family members are supporting you on this path. Most of the time, a one-on-one conversation with those who are close to you will give you the support you need to reach out for help. Encourage them to support you so you can create a better future.

Your Employer Concerns

It’s important to know your rights as an employee. In the U.S., your privacy is protected. You can request up to 12 weeks of time off by requesting to take the Family and Medical Leave Act. If you qualify, your job is protected for up to 12 weeks while you receive care for yourself. Your human resource officer must provide you with confidentiality about what type of care you are receiving. You cannot lose your benefits during this time, either. Preparing for rehab means having a discussion with your employer about why you are getting help, but never feel you have to disclose all the details.

Preparing for Rehab: Getting Mentally Ready for Change

The next step in preparing for rehab is to know what to expect. If you have addiction and dependency, drug detox treatment is often the first step. You will spend a few days to several weeks in a location that provides medical monitoring of your health as your body works to remove the toxins from it. During drug detox, you will be monitored around the clock. Medication assistance can help minimize pain from withdrawal for some people. From here, you’ll move into residential drug treatment. With a wide range of treatment programs available, there is something here that will help you. At The Ranch PA, we provide supportive and personalized treatment that’s designed to address your needs. As you’re preparing for rehab, keep in mind that you may benefit from:

When you come in for an assessment, we will discuss the types of treatment that may help you based on factors such as what you enjoy doing and the type of stressors that led to your addiction. Many times, these addiction treatment programs allow you to not only stop using but also to regain a sense fo who you are and what is important to you. The Ranch PA wants to help you. Your first step is to give us a call. From there, we will help you prepare for drug and alcohol treatment that is always customized to fit your unique needs. We will talk to you about what to bring with you what to expect, and how to get the care plan right for you in place.

Find the Personalized Treatment You Need at The Ranch PA

Before you begin preparing for rehab, reach out to our team at The Ranch PA. Let us provide you with a confidential consultation to discuss the treatment options for you. We can help you with most of the preparation you need to do, too. Take that first step. Call 717.969.9126 to learn more about the treatment options available to you.

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