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Privacy Essential to Rehab

Sharing personal information is difficult. When participating in addiction treatment, clients must be prepared to address difficult subjects that will need to be disclosed and discussed. Complete and total honesty is necessary to be successful in addiction treatment. In our private alcohol treatment center, clients receive the opportunity to open up to counselors, each other and eventually family members in a safe and confidential environment. Because the The Ranch PA Method relies on a variety of modalities, clients are able to experience a range of therapies during their treatment. Therapies available include individual psychotherapy, art therapy, music therapy and family therapy. During each session, therapists lead the client to share important information while maintaining client confidentiality. The trusting and private atmosphere allows clients to move forward on their path to recovery. Sometimes, secrets are a way of life for addicts. At our private drug rehab center, The Ranch PA therapists teach clients the difference between healthy levels of privacy and unhealthy secret keeping. Clients learn that privately disclosing feelings, challenges and behaviors is a necessary part of living healthy and sober. The Ranch PA is located on six secluded acres. Clients have room for private reflection. Our spacious and beautiful grounds give clients the ability to spend time communicating with therapists and each other privately outside the typical therapy setting. Families are crucial to substance abuse recovery. Family involvement in treatment tends to increase success rates in recovery. Many people do not want to air dirty laundry in a public environment. Family therapists offer a safe place to deal with sensitive issues and mediate in a safe environment. For clients with children a playroom is available to reconnect with their children in a comfortable, relaxing way. Your privacy is very important during the course of treatment. We understand this need and allow you to grow in your recovery while keeping important boundaries.

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