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Different Treatment Options for Different Addictions

Treating addictions is complicated. As no two addicts are the same, dependencies on different drugs require different drug addiction treatments. Our therapists use a variety of treatment methods for your addiction recovery treatment. At The Ranch PA, we tailor your addiction treatment plan based on your needs and preferences.

Some drugs are less physically addictive than others. When you are addicted to a drug, such as alcohol or heroin, stopping the use of the drug will cause physical withdrawal symptoms. Going through a medically supervised detox program is a crucial first step to sobriety. The Ranch PA provides a 24-hour medical and nursing staff to ensure your medical and emotional needs are met throughout the detox process. Drug or alcohol counseling will be an essential part of your treatment program, of course.

Individualized treatment plans are developed based on your particular addiction, desires, challenges, and goals. A variety of methods and therapies are available for you, from group therapy to art therapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy gives you new skills for dealing with life’s many stresses. Psychotherapy helps you process the many underlying issues that have caused or triggered your substance abuse in the past. Marriage and family therapy gives you the opportunity to mend broken relationships with loved ones. For the artist inside you, art therapy provides the opportunity to process your addictions through a variety of mediums, including drawing and painting. Music is another therapeutic option at The Ranch PA. Our music therapy includes a state-of-the-art recording studio, guitars, percussion instruments, and keyboards, enabling you to tackle your challenges and feelings through the universal language of music. Our holistic approach embraces the use of meditation as a way of connecting your body and mind. In the spirit of physical well-being, there are plenty of activities for you to strengthen your body, from shooting hoops on our basketball court or lifting weights in our fitness center.

The Ranch PA helps you find the tools that work best for you and your unique addiction. We work together to ensure you find life-lasting sobriety and success. Photo: The Ranch PA

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