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The Ranch PA Launches Record Label for Recovery: First Album Released!

Blind Melon front man Travis T. Warren, a recovering drug addict, credits music with playing an integral role in his healing. What better way to kick off The Ranch PA’s new record label, Iron Ridge Road Recordings, than with Warren’s solo album — and with all proceeds going to MusiCares, an organization that supports musicians in need? Beneath These Borrowed Skies is a journey through the musical landscape featuring a diverse range of styles, from heavy rock to folk to electronica, all tied together with Warren’s moving vocals. It’s the realization of one man’s goal to reclaim his life, while finding his strength in the face of addiction. Through his music, Warren provides hope to others traveling on the path to recovery. The Sound of Hope At The Ranch PA, music, through our music therapy program, serves an important purpose in the recovery process. We embrace our music studio as an outlet for musicians — and non-musicians alike — struggling with addiction. We are excited to take the power of music even further with the new record label. The founders of The Ranch PA, Justin and Robin Daniels, feel the record label will not only help support musicians in their treatment, but also spread the message that recovery from addiction is not only possible, but can also be rewarding. Giving Back For Iron Ridge Road Recordings, music is not about making a profit, but rather sending a message and spreading hope. That is why all of the label’s proceeds from Beneath These Borrowed Skies will be donated to MusiCares. Iron Ridge Road Recordings plans for more album releases later in the year. They are also a proud sponsor of the Grammy Foundation® and MusiCares annual songwriting contest for teens. The winners of the Teens! Make Music Contest receive a trip to the Grammy’s and a chance to get their song released on the Iron Ridge Road Recording label. Photo:The Ranch PA

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