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Building a Community at Rehab

Fostering a sense of community is no small feat, but it is a challenge that The Ranch PA accepts each day with vigor and commitment. Our 23-bed facility makes it possible for clients to create important connections with other clients, as well as the staff to create an inclusive, trusting environment that we feel is essential to the rehabilitation process. Besides our individual sessions based on each client’s personal needs, we utilize group therapy in order for our clients to learn from one another and share experiences to better work through their own rehab process. Through this approach, we have found that clients are more open, honest and better able to begin the process of creating relationships based on sober friendships and a commitment to recovery. The members of our rehab community foster bonds that last well beyond their stay, and these relationships can form a strong foundation for aftercare.

Staying in Touch After Rehab

One of the biggest attributes of the The Ranch PA recovery program is our commitment to stay involved in the lives of our recovering clients. We know individuals who commit to a lifetime of recovery are better positioned to achieve long-lasting sobriety. We help our clients adjust to life in the real world with a supportive aftercare program tailored to their needs. This program often includes:

  • Follow-up phone calls and therapy sessions
  • Self-help support group referrals
  • Refresher weekends that help clients recommit to the recovery lifestyle

It may also include a support network of individuals who genuinely desire the best for the recovering person. At The Ranch PA, this support network can include people from our own program. Many clients stay in touch with one another after their time at The Ranch PA and act as an instrumental part of each others’ support systems as they continue through their recovery. The Ranch PA also loves to know how former clients are doing and this year is hosting a reunion picnic at the York Revolution’s annual “Recovery Day” baseball game. This will be a time for past clients to catch up with one another, staff members, and current clients of the center. It is simply another way to help strengthen the recovery community and show The Ranch PA’s commitment to being an integral part of it.

Relationships Matter at The Ranch PA

At The Ranch PA, we believe a large part of the recovery lifestyle is enjoying satisfying relationships, which is why our rehab program makes family members a large part of the aftercare process. During their time in treatment, our clients work hard to rebuild trust with their loved ones. Once rehab ends, clients must often learn to live with family members who have suffered because of their addiction. Our recovery center staff members work hard to help clients bridge the trust gap through family therapy and other exercises. This makes the adjustment to life after rehab easier. Recovering from addiction isn’t as simple as flipping on a light switch and solving the problem. It is complicated, messy and fragile because so many times, substance abuse will eventually blur into almost all aspects of a person’s daily life. By creating this sense of community and helping people to learn how to create lasting, positive relationships, we feel that clients are much better equipped to continue their recovery after they leave The Ranch PA. (photo via)

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