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Substance Abuse Treatment Makes Your Teen Feel Valued

Teen Feeling Valued After Recovery

Teenagers needing substance abuse treatment often feel badly about themselves. Parenting these teens and making decisions on the type of treatment program is difficult for parents. Parents must become a strong advocate for their child. Then, they must select a drug or alcohol rehab that can build up self-esteem while successfully treating the addiction. What do you look for in an addiction recovery treatment program? Consider the amount of time that counselors spend with clients. Are therapy sessions one-on-one? Do therapists conduct mainly group sessions? Recovery programs should allow plenty of time for face-to-face interactions between a therapist and your teenager. The environment in a rehab must be one that combines a therapeutic environment with healthy recreational activities. If the environment at a treatment center feels too clinical, it may not be the best environment for your teenager. Exercise, art and music are all healthy outlets for stress and should be available during treatment. Choose a rehab that tailors itself to your child and his strengths. Discuss your child’s personality and preferences with the facility. If your child prefers privacy, let them know a private room would be best for her. If your teen is a budding artist, then look for a program with art therapy. If your child loves outdoor activity, a treatment center in the country will likely be a better place for him to recover. A reliable facility will discuss your child’s individual needs and determine how long he or she may need to stay in treatment. Depending on the severity of addiction, The Ranch PA offers programs lasting from 10 to 90 days in length. Understand that longer programs will provide more support for your child as he/she recovers. Because no two teenagers are alike, each teen needs to have a tailored treatment plan. From simple preferences to more important treatment options, a successful drug treatment facility will focus on your child and his or her needs. This individualization will provide your loved one with the best chance at continued sobriety.

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