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What Are Signs of Alcoholism?

Alcohol use can turn into alcoholism, especially with continued use or heavy drinking. How do you know if you or your loved one has a problem with alcohol? Check whether you show the signs of alcoholism. These indicate a problem and a professional can give you an official diagnosis. If you do have alcoholism, treatment can help. The Ranch PA treats alcohol with a variety of treatment methods. These include therapy, medical detox, and other methods.

About Alcoholism

Alcoholism is another term for alcohol addiction. Professionals use the diagnosis of alcohol use disorder (AUD), which includes mild to severe levels. Alcohol abuse is at the mild end, while alcoholism is at the severe end. Any level of alcohol use disorder can be problematic. It can lead to physical dependence and problems from alcohol use. These can include problems with your health, relationships, job, and other areas of your life. When you don’t stop the problem, you can progress from a mild AUD to a moderate or severe one. When it becomes more severe, you show more signs and symptoms that impact your life. You have more trouble controlling the drinking and stopping the problem.

Signs of Alcoholism

Alcoholism shares the same signs and symptoms as other substance use disorders. The difference is that they refer to using alcohol instead of a different addictive substance. The signs include both dependence on alcohol and addictive behaviors. These are some of the signs of alcoholism:

  • Getting cravings to drink alcohol
  • Spending more time focused on alcohol and less on other things that used to matter to you
  • Experiencing problems from alcohol use but not letting that stop the drinking
  • Noticing signs of withdrawal when you stop drinking
  • Feeling like you can’t stop or don’t want to stop drinking
  • Building a tolerance so you need more alcohol to feel the same effects

The number of signs of alcoholism you relate to will determine the severity of the alcohol use disorder. Fitting a few could mean you have a mild or moderate case. Recognizing many or most could mean a severe case. You’ll need to visit a professional to get an official diagnosis. The professional will help figure out how many signs of alcoholism you have and try to learn more about your situation. For example, they can learn about the causes of your addiction and whether you have a co-occurring mental health disorder. Getting an official diagnosis will help you know if you have a problem and get the right treatment for your needs.

Stop the Problems Through Treatment

You don’t have to accept that you or your loved one will struggle with alcoholism forever. In reality, problematic drinking progresses and creates more and worse problems over time. It’s important to stop this unhealthy path before it continues. Professional treatment can help. Through treatment, you gain the support of professionals and peers. You learn about addiction and how it’s impacting your life. You learn about your causes of addiction and triggers, and how to manage the problem. You’ll take part in programs and therapies designed to help you overcome addiction. The Ranch PA focuses on different parts of yourself and your life to address the many ways alcohol can affect your life. Our approach combines traditional and alternative therapies. These are some treatment methods available:

Move Forward With The Ranch PA

You don’t have to let alcoholism continue to control your life. If you do, you can expect worsening problems in your relationships, your health, and other areas. If you’re ready to stop the problematic drinking and get help with your addiction, call us at The Ranch PA at 717.969.9126 today.

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