5 Key Components to Look for in Mental Health Programs

5 Key Components to Look for in Mental Health Programs

You or a loved one are faced with the decision to seek help for a mental health diagnosis, mental health disorder or uncertainty in knowing that something does not feel right. Accepting that you or a loved one needs help is a step in the right direction in changing your current trajectory.Finding the right mental health treatment or mental health program can feel especially daunting when the situation is already difficult. There can be so much information and yet so little information at the same time. Navigating different treatment options can seem like an obstacle. The obstacles that you or your loved one are currently facing should not be met with uncertainty in treatment. The Ranch of Pennsylvania offers a unique, individualized, and loving approach toward those seeking mental health wellness. When seeking help for mental health disorders, there are a few key components to look for in treatment. Here are 5 key components to look for in mental health programs to ensure you are choosing the right place for you or your loved one.


1 of 5 key components for mental health programs:

Focusing on mental health programs

A lot of times, treatment centers will advertise themselves focusing on mental health disorders in treatment when they may only be treating co-occurring disorders. While research has shown that it is clinically appropriate and clinically significant to treat co-occurring disorders in conjunction with each other, it is also imperative to determine if a treatment center is licensed to treat mental disorders as a primary diagnosis. Programs that address dual-diagnosis are essential in helping those with substance use disorders as well as mental health diagnoses. Finding the right program that helps those struggling specifically with mental health disorders as a primary diagnosis should be a priority. 


Programs focused on mental health disorders should have specifically trained staff that is well versed in how to treat those with mental health as a primary diagnosis. Having a psychiatrist on staff and clinicians who are Licensed Mental Health Practitioners is a question that any family member should ask when looking into a specific program. Knowing that a psychiatrist is on staff to do the proper evaluations and diagnose correctly is the first step to treating someone who is suffering. Psychiatrists also have the ability and capacity to prescribe the correct medications that work in conjunction with a specific mental health diagnosis.


2 of 5 key components for mental health programs:

Finding individualized treatment 

Knowing that you or your loved one is receiving individualized treatment for their mental health diagnosis is one of the most important aspects of finding the right program. Mental health disorders are treated in a variety of ways and no one person responds to the same treatment similarly. Some people excel when they finally find the right combination of medications, while others may do better with holistic and behavioral changes. Moreover, some may need both medicine and holistic therapies. In addition to finding the correct medications as well as holistic approaches, it is also important to seek the right psychotherapy or other therapeutic models that focus on treating the whole person. It takes a dedicated team of medical, clinical and support staff to create an individualized treatment plan and help each client to attain those individualized goals. 


The Ranch Pennsylvania offers a variety of different therapy techniques to help treat each individual. Clients are encouraged to try all different types of therapies to see which one works best for them. By exploring different clinical approaches with each individual, clients discover what works best for them in the short term and eventually in the long-term therapy process. Clients are introduced to psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness and meditation, and comprehensive outdoor therapies. We focus on treating the individual with a disorder not treating disorders with a one size fits all approach. 


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Healing the mind, body and spirit 

A person struggling with a mental health disorder needs  healing from a variety of methods and treatment modalities. In addition to treating the person with individualized therapy approaches, The Ranch Pennsylvania also focuses on treating the person as a whole. Healing the mind can be a combination of behavioral models as well as medical approaches. Healing the body takes medical, nutritional and physical efforts. These efforts come from dedication from the clients toward their healing process and dedicated medical and nutritional staff. Understanding that the food we eat and the substances that we put in our bodies have a significant impact on the way we feel. Food heals. With proper nutrition, the mindset can significantly change, which is an important aspect of getting better. In addition to a healthy diet, getting outside to exercise and engaging in physical activity is also imperative at The Ranch. We have integrated healing the mind, body and spirit by setting our treatment center in the picturesque wilderness to help clients heal through nature. Adventure therapy and wilderness therapy are different treatment modalities that we use to help clients tap into their natural surroundings. The Ranch Pennsylvania has a ropes course that helps clients to be physically and mentally challenged plus impacts the adventurous side of anyone.  


Healing the spirit should be another focus when treating mental health disorders. Getting connected with oneself through mindfulness practice, nature walks and group therapy can all help in healing the spirit. Connecting the dots of mind, body and spirit helps to ensure long term healing. 


4 of 5 key components for mental health programs:

Compassionate staff

When sending a loved one to treatment, you want to feel comfortable that they will be received with as much care and love that your own family would give them. From the moment you reach out in seeking help for mental health wellness, you should be at ease with the voice on the other end of the phone. The staff at the Ranch prides themselves on the dedication, passion and love they put into treating every individual that walks through the door. Whatever path you go toward in treating your mental health or helping a loved one manage theirs, you must find the type of staff that puts love into each client as if they were family. Finding a comfortable atmosphere to heal should be matched with the comfort of home. Without the love and support of caring staff, it is hard for clients to be vulnerable in sharing their troubles and life path that brought them to seek help. 


5 of 5 key components for mental health programs:

Sufficient aftercare planning and family integration

Admitting that you need help is the first and most important step of seeking a better way of life. While in treatment, clinicians and medical staff will teach and support each individual with the necessary tools to achieve long term success with treating mental health disorders. Preparing for aftercare is something that begins on the first day of treatment. Making sure that there is a plan in place for each client is part of individualized care. The goal is always to learn life-sustaining and life-changing coping skills to utilize long after treatment has concluded. There are numerous support staff such as case managers, discharge planners, and alumni coordinators that work together in aftercare planning and completing an individualized aftercare plan for each client.  


Family therapy is connected to every component of mental health treatment. Connecting families with their loved one during the treatment process can be the difference in the success of a client. Families should be a part of the mental health treatment of the individual from start to finish. To ensure that families are involved in the healing process, The Ranch holds family sessions to learn about boundaries and learn how they can effectively support their loved one in their mental wellness journey. Family integration in mental health treatment shows a much higher success rate for the individual suffering and the entire family. 


Finding the right mental health program does not have to be a daunting task. Remembering the 5 key components in finding the right mental health treatment can ease the transition from the research phase to entering a loving, healing environment. It can help you focus on finding care that provides an additional or exclusive approach to mental health disorders and clarify what the right questions are.It’s important to seek care that creates individualized treatment plans that can best suit your unique healing process. At The Ranch Pennsylvania, we dig deep to address the needs of each person and see how we can treat the whole mind, body and spirit. Our staff includes the most caring and passionate people who blend professionalism with love and care. Finally, we set each person up with the best aftercare plan for future success. While mental health treatment might start when the client walks through the door, it doesn’t end when our clients leave. We focus aftercare planning around family connections and family support. You may feel like you or your loved one is losing an uphill battle. We want to ease the fight and assist you on your journey towards mental wellness. Achieving mental wellness goals is not impossible. We pride ourselves on our success stories. Let us help you get to the other side of despair to success. Call us today at 717.969.9126.

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