What You Need To Know About Addiction Treatment Centers

Addiction Treatment Centers: What you need to know

Addiction treatment centers in the United States treat tens of thousands of patients every year. Resources can be found in all 50 states. But not all treatment centers are created equally. If you are considering treatment for yourself or someone you love, it is important to be informed about the attributes that make an addiction treatment center trustworthy


Consider that addiction treatment is about more than simply separating a person from drugs or alcohol safely. The bare minimum that treatment can provide is a safe and comfortable medical detox. However, once the substance of choice is removed, the disorder remains. 


The purpose of quality addiction treatment transcends the medical detox. Once the intoxicants are out of your system, the fog begins to clear. The very next thing you should be thinking about is how you are going to keep moving forward. 


Learn about addiction for real change

If you find yourself in addiction treatment, you have already taken the most crucial action in initiating your recovery. The question is: What will it take to initiate real change and sustain your personal growth?


A quality addiction treatment center will focus on guiding you to the answer to that question. Think of recovery as a journey rather than a destination, and time at an addiction treatment center is the beginning. 


One of your goals during your time in treatment is to learn about addiction. Learn not only about the nature of your substance use disorder but about your specific behaviors. Knowing what your potential triggers are is valuable. 


Self-knowledge and education about addiction do not provide adequate defense by themselves, however. You will want to build a personal recovery system that you can take with you after your complete treatment. Taking ownership of your recovery and integrating it into your life is an indispensable component needed for success.


What should I look for an addiction treatment center?

Your best chance of building substantial recovery is receiving quality addiction care that addresses all of these needs. But what do you want to look for in an addiction treatment center to ensure its quality?


First, you should only consider programs that are accredited by The Joint Commission and fully licensed in the state where they operate. The next thing to look for is a program that offers dual-diagnosis treatment. This means they are equipped to diagnose and treat co-occurring conditions like depression, anxiety or other mental health disorders. 


Dual-diagnosis treatment can make a tremendous difference for many reasons. Untreated co-occurring conditions are one of the most common causes of relapse. A life in recovery can be challenging. Addressing any other psychological needs that are along for the ride can go a long way toward enhancing the quality of life. 


The very best addiction treatment programs will have compassionate and dedicated staff. They employ evidence-based treatment methods that are scientifically vetted for efficacy. Your time is valuable, and the time you spend in treatment should be a sound investment. Evidence-based care is a hallmark of the quality addiction treatment you should seek. 


Addiction recovery is personal

Ultimately, recovery is a deeply personal process that continues for life. Your recovery is your responsibilityand it is work, to be sure. Selecting a quality addiction treatment center that meets and exceeds your needs is perhaps the best single decision you can make to invest in your success. 


At The Ranch Pennsylvania, we want to help you find the courage to rewrite your story. We will help educate you on healthy ways to manage your addiction and work with you to learn more about the underlying causes of your drug use. 


We are ready to help you along the way when you’re ready to take the first step. Our recovery specialists are here to support you as you begin your recovery story.

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By Ryan Egan

Contributing Writer with Promises Behavioral Health 

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