Edward Cole talks ‘environment of care’ during COVID-19

Edward Cole, IIIEd Cole, Environment of Care Director at The Ranch Pennsylvania, carries 13 years of mental health and substance abuse therapy experience. To Ed, empowering and supporting his clients through their recovery journey is the most meaningful aspect of his role.

In 2018, he joined The Ranch Pennsylvania team as a primary therapist before transitioning to EOC Director in October 2020. He oversees all hospitality efforts related to the safety and cleanliness operations throughout the facility.

Ed’s job helps people seeking treatment feel confident about their decision to get help even during a pandemic. In his time at The Ranch Pennsylvania, he has felt supported by his team and the available resources. By tapping into this support, Ed feels that the message of hope and healing can spread to those who need it despite the impact of COVID-19

Get to know Ed and how he aims to provide high-quality, safe and clean treatment to our clients and community!

Can you describe what your new role as Environment of Care Director consists of?

“My new role as Director of Environment of Care has been a vital part of improving our overall hospitality efforts on the facility property. This includes housekeeping and cleanliness, safety on the property, overseeing our kitchen operations and dietary needs, maintenance staff and projects, and various vendor relationships.”

How is The Ranch’s property impacting the overall safety and culture for our clients and staff?

“An important part of our treatment is allowing life skills development opportunities for our clients. I have been able to witness firsthand seeing these individuals take control of things that used to be so simple before their mental health illness or addiction development. For example, taking inventory and control over their laundry. It’s a collaborative effort between our staff and clients that impacts their recovery on another level.” 

COVID-19: How have you had to adjust certain operational and safety measures throughout the past year?

“We have expanded our staff and on-call systems on-site. This helps with the upkeep of deep cleanliness throughout the property by increasing PPE, and daily walkthroughs throughout each of the residential cottages, main building, therapy rooms, and offices. The EOC team has had to work and adjust quickly, just like many, and I am proud to have such a hard-working and committed team to be a part of.” 

Is there any specific feedback you have gotten from clients or families about the safety and calm they have felt during their time at TRPA?

“It is our goal, at The Ranch, to make sure we answer any and all concerns and questions families may have before bringing their loved ones to treatment with us. So that we can help the client as soon as they are ready for treatment, we are proud to be able to rapid test every client prior to admitting to the facility.” 

Every employee within the facility has a role to play in keeping the environment of care standards up. How do you think the staff culture has impacted the way these operations and safety measures have been put into place?

“The Ranch and Promises leadership is continually quick to respond to the voices of our staff, clients and families. They also continue to remain transparent through diversity and inclusion forums, open town hall meetings and surveys that all help us maintain and improve the overall culture throughout the company.”

The impact COVID-19 has had on healthcare workers has caused a lot of personal and professional stress—more than normal. What keeps you going as Environment of Care Director? 

“Being in service to others is what keeps me motivated within my role at The Ranch, as well as my personal life with my family. We can’t run from this virus, and in order to move forward safely, we have to collaborate together. I am confident that this team and culture we have at The Ranch has the best intentions and heart to keep our clients and staff safe now more than ever and to continue to provide a place for healing.

On top of all of that, the support we have had from Promises Corporate has impacted the reassurance we are able to give our clients and staff through the continually stocked PPE and testing supplies to maintain a healthy and safe campus.” 

What is one thing you want individuals and families to know about The Ranch PA?

“Over the years I have been a part of The Ranch in several different roles. Through it all, I truly believe in the curriculum we offer here. It is solid. From our adventure therapy and our treatment plans, we have staff who deeply care about our clients, their families and the rest of the staff. The Ranch is an ethical place for healing, and I hope individuals seek help and experience the healing work that can be done in their lives. 

The leadership at The Ranch also allows our clients, staff and families to have a voice and be heard. Weekly suggestions allow us to maintain a safe, clean and calm atmosphere on site while our clients heal.”

Thank you to Ed for his hard work and commitment to our clients, staff and families at The Ranch. We are proud to have you in our treatment family!

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