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Bath Salts Addiction Treatment

Bath salts are designer drugs made by illicit manufacturers. They are likely physically addictive, produce a variety of dangerous and alarming side effects, and are sometimes sold legally under names such as Vanilla Sky, Ivory Wave, Bliss, or Purple Wave. Similar in chemical composition to amphetamines, the ingredients in bath salts change constantly to reflect both regulatory changes and the law. Someone abusing bath salts may inject it, snort it, smoke it, or consume it with food or drink despite a label warning that indicates the contents are not fit for human consumption. If you suspect that you or someone you love needs bath salts addiction rehab, The Ranch PA can help.

The Short and Long-Term Effects of Bath Salts Addiction

In the past, bath salts contained a chemical called MDPV, although that substance has since been made illegal. Bath salts do not contain the softening agent used in tubs and spas; they are also known as jewelry cleaners, phone screen cleaners, or plant food. Illicit manufacturers are constantly changing the formulation of bath salts, so the ingredients and effects may vary. In general, however, bath salts produce stimulant-like symptoms similar to cocaine or amphetamines. In addition to an initial euphoria, bath salts abusers often suffer from chest pain, headache, cold extremities, nausea, violent or aggressive behavior, suicidal thinking and behavior, paranoia, high blood pressure, hallucinations, agitation, and more. Some effects — such as suicidal thinking and behavior—last well beyond the last dose. Users also report reduced sensitivity to pain. Beyond these basic effects, little is known about the long-term effects of bath salts abuse. Until very recently, testing for these drugs proved ineffective, and illicit manufacturers change the formulas so quickly that physicians and law enforcement have experienced difficulty keeping up. Most addiction professionals believe that bath salts abuse results in tolerance, physical dependence, and ultimately, addiction.

TheRanch PA Bath Salts Drug Addiction Treatment Center

The good news is that bath salt rehab helps individuals addicted to this dangerous designer drug recover from abuse. The bath salts rehab center at The Ranch PA provides medically monitored detox and progressive therapeutic care in a luxurious and private setting. Our small, community-oriented bath salt rehab center utilizes a holistic approach to therapy that addresses the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of every client. We only accept up to 6 detox and 17 rehab residential clients at one time to ensure our qualified and compassionate staff is well-positioned to provide individualized, progressive care. While enrolled at The Ranch PA, our clients benefit from:

  • Weekly individual sessions, in addition to truly small group therapy programs
  • Cutting-edge techniques such as neuro biofeedback
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing Therapy
  • Music Therapy in our unique, state-of-the-art recording studio
  • Art Therapy
  • Fitness training in our fully equipped studios
  • Gourmet meals created specifically for enhanced well-being by our on-site chef
  • Life skills training
  • A comprehensive aftercare plan customized for specific lifestyle needs

At The Ranch PA, our bath salt rehab helps our clients figure out why they started using drugs to begin with. If you or someone you love is addicted to bath salts, you don’t have to suffer alone. Call The Ranch PA at (877) 548-4794 for more information on holistic addiction recovery, and find your path to recovery. Photo via

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