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Benefiting from Individualized Care: Why It Matters

You may hear that some drug and alcohol treatment centers offer personalized care. Are people benefiting from individualized care so much so that you should seek out this treatment, too? The answer is yes. Many studies indicate that whether a person does well in treatment depends on how well it fits their unique needs. At The Ranch PA, you can expect our team to offer that type of in-depth, personalized care to you.

Individualized Care

You may hear a good deal about personalized and individualized care, but you may not be sure what it means. It can mean different things between various locations. Ultimately, individualized care means providing a full assessment of a person’s physical and mental health and then creating a treatment plan designed to overcome those concerns. Individualized treatment means that the type of care given and the range of services provided is always based on the unique needs of the person in need. There is no one-size-fits-all level of care here.

How Are People Benefiting from Individualized Care?

Studies indicate that benefiting from individualized care is all about creating a full addiction assessment, monitoring for symptom and behavioral changes, and updating treatment plans to meet these changing circumstances. For those who have any type of addiction, including drug and alcohol addiction, it’s clear that the way it impacts you – and even why drinking and drug use impact you – plays a role in the long-term success you have. How are people benefiting from individualized care? The benefit in several ways, such as:

  • Being involved in treatment fitting their symptoms
  • Treatment addresses the underlying cause of your addiction
  • Customizing care to match progression through treatment
  • Incorporating treatment for physical needs and emotional needs is essential
  • Enjoying and committing to the process

Every situation is different, but most people will find that a personalized plan is more likely to be effective for them. It gives you a reason to get behind the plan and believe in it.

How We Can offer This Type of Care

At The Ranch PA, we offer a range of different treatment options to ensure there is care available to meet your needs. This may include, for example, evidence-based treatments such as cognitive therapy programs and dialectical behavior therapy programs. These are science-based methods of changing thought patterns, but some people respond to one plan more so than another. Another important step is to consider the underlying cause of the addiction and to tailor treatment approaches to meet those concerns. Trauma-informed therapy, for example, is one component of this. For others, it is stress or mental health disorders. In these cases, a dual diagnosis treatment plan may be best. In addition to this, most personalized plans also need to incorporate activities that are meaningful and beneficial to the individual. For some, an exercise therapy program is a good fit. For others, a music therapy program is a better solution. When you work with our team for the care, you will get a treatment plan that addresses the unique needs you have. With routine updates and constant one-on-one interaction with your therapist and doctor, you’ll also find yourself seeing changes to your treatment plan as it fits. That type of individualized care ensures you are always getting the best treatment available to you.

Learn About Your Options for Care at The Ranch PA

If you’re like many other people, you want to get help, but you’re not sure it will work for you. At The Ranch PA, our clients are benefiting from individualized care because we put the time and energy into creating an effective treatment plan. Learn more about the options we offer by calling 717.969.9126 today.

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