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Substance Abuse Professional: Are You Struggling?

Your job is high stress. You spend a lot of your time facing challenges and conflict. There are so many people depending on you always to do the right thing. There is no doubt that this type of intense lifestyle is going to cause difficulties for you. For many with substance abuse, professional responsibilities can be the backbone of their addiction, the reason why they reach for a drink after work, or need opioids just to make it through the day. There’s help available to you at The Ranch PA.

Why Is Substance Abuse in Professional Jobs So High?

It is not uncommon for those who work in professional positions, including management, first responder positions, and other industries, to face stress. That level of stress can be very intense and ongoing. For those who have genetic tendencies to develop addictions, this can lead to drug or alcohol abuse. For other professionals, what they see and experience can lead to use, such as trauma or high levels of anxiety. In all situations, substance abuse in professional people needs to be treated to ensure you get your life back.

Do You Have a Substance Use Disorder?

Perhaps the most challenging question you have to answer is this one. Do you think you are relying on drugs or alcohol to get through the day? The signs of substance abuse in professional jobs may include the following:

  • You feel the need to stop and have a drink after most shifts.
  • Thinking about your next dose of medication or drink during the workday.
  • You cannot get through the day without using opioids or other drugs.
  • Making a lot of excuses about what’s happening.
  • You feel guilt when you hide what you are doing.
  • Pain, agitation, and frustration when you can’t use.

If you are facing these risk factors right now, take a step back and realize what’s happening. Even if you still do your job and meet the financial needs of your family, it may be time to reach out for real, authentic help. That is what we can do for you at The Ranch PA. When you ditch the drugs and alcohol through treatment programs we design just for you, you’ll do your job better, with more clarity and with less stress.

What Type of Addiction Treatment Do You Need?

When it comes to substance abuse, professional job holders often need to start with drug and alcohol detox. During this short period, you will be in a drug-free area receiving medical care that you need. Medication assistance to ensure you are safe is always available. From here, most of the time, clients benefit from residential drug treatment. You’ll spend some time working on improving your health and facing your addiction through several treatment programs. During your drug and alcohol treatment with The Ranch PA, you will work through a wide range of treatment options to help you. This may include:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • 12 Step and non-12 step treatment
  • Biofeedback
  • Dialectical behavior therapy

In addition to providing you with care through holistic and evidence-based treatment, we also can offer treatment programs designed to meet your needs, such as pain management care and dual diagnosis treatment. Take the first step towards getting the care you need by calling our professionals today.

When It’s Time to Seek Out Treatment, Turn to The Ranch PA

No matter what you are facing with substance abuse, professional treatment is available. We know what you’re facing, and we can offer a treatment plan customized to meet your needs while allowing you to maintain the confidentiality you need. Turn to The Ranch PA today to learn more about the treatment options we offer for professionals like you. Call us at 717.969.9126 for a free, confidential consultation.

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