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Arm of a person wondering, "Why does your arm hurt after drinking?"

Why Does Your Arm Hurt After Drinking?

Why does your arm hurt after drinking? Experiencing arm pain after drinking can be a disconcerting experience. It’s crucial to understand why this happens and how it might relate to alcohol addiction. At Recovery Ranch PA, we’re here to help you understand these connections and guide you toward the path of recovery through our extensive […]

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Person displaying physical signs of alcoholism

What Are the Physical Signs of Alcoholism?

Alcohol addiction is a debilitating disease that affects millions of people worldwide. It’s not always easy to recognize, especially in its early stages. However, understanding the physical signs of alcoholism can be the first step towards seeking help and making a positive change. Recovery Ranch PA offers comprehensive alcohol addiction treatment programs to help individuals

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Person with alcoholic eyes

What Are Alcoholic Eyes?

At Recovery Ranch PA, we understand how alcohol addiction can affect an individual’s life. Our empathetic and compassionate team provides various services to help those struggling with addictions overcome their challenges and start anew. One common indication of prolonged alcohol abuse is a condition often called “alcoholic eyes.” Contact our knowledgeable team online today or

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Person wondering, "Why do alcoholics lie?"

Why Do Alcoholics Lie?

Alcoholism, like any other addiction, changes behavior. People who struggle with addiction have undergone changes in their brains that make rational decision-making more difficult. Common behavior changes that many people notice are lying, deception, and avoidance. This begs the question, why do alcoholics lie?  First, it’s important to remember not to reduce someone with an addiction

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Person worried about wet brain symptoms

What Are the Symptoms of Wet Brain?

While wet brain symptoms mimic simple intoxication, web brain syndrome (WBS) can lead to irreversible neural damage and even death if not treated in time. The fundamental way to distinguish WBS, formally called Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, from ordinary intoxication is to look for symptoms even when sober. If you or a loved one might be contending

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a family benefits from attending al anon

Why Parents Should Consider Going to Al-Anon

There are three simple, common-sense reasons parents should consider going to Al-Anon when a child is experiencing a substance use disorder: Education, healthy boundaries, and self-care.Attending Al-Anon actually improves your child’s chances of seeking treatment and remaining in recovery. Substance use disorders are medical conditions impacting the entire family. When one family seeks treatment, either

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Man considers quitting alcohol cold turkey

Quitting Drinking Cold Turkey: 7 Myths to Know

An estimated 14 million Americans struggle with an alcohol use disorder, and some studies report numbers as high as 18 million. If you’re suffering from the effects of alcohol addiction, you’re not alone. Alcohol is one of the easiest drugs to fall victim to and one of the most difficult drugs to quit given its

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