Drugs Might Be Less Enticing to the Challenged Brain

Enriching experiences and learning opportunities don’t just make life more satisfying — they might make your brain more resistant to addiction. So suggests a study published in the October 2015 edition of the journal Neuropharmacology. Researchers based in the University of California, Berkeley compared the drug-seeking behavior of mice kept in a deprived environment with…

6 Tips for a Sober Memorial Day Weekend

It’s considered the kickoff to summer, but for those trying to stay sober, Memorial Day weekend can seem like the ultimate test. Everywhere you turn are parties and celebrations, and alcohol often feels as central to the traditions as the barbecue. If you are in recovery from a substance use disorder and working hard to…

The Impact of Alcohol in the Movies

Does seeing alcohol consumption in the movies trigger adolescents to try alcohol or consume more than they would normally otherwise? A recent report published in the journal Pediatrics believes so. It states that 15-year-olds who watched a higher amount of alcohol consumption in films are influenced by what they see.

3 Things Rehab Isn’t

If drug or alcohol use is starting to complicate your life, you may be ready to consider whether inpatient rehab is right for you. What should you expect when you check yourself in for help with an addiction? To better understand what rehab is, here’s a look at what it isn’t:

How to Love an Addict Without Being an Enabler

It is easy to fall into the trap of enabling an addict. It feels like love, but enabling only harms the addict and your relationship with him. If you love an addict, you can be supportive, loving and caring without enabling the addiction and the addictive behaviors. The first step is to recognize whether you…