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The Good News

If you suspect that you or someone you love is suffering from alcoholism, you’re not alone. Estimates suggest that 15 million Americans suffer every day from an addiction to alcohol.  Thousands die every year from alcohol-related liver disease, incidents, and auto accidents. Although alcoholism cannot be cured, the good news is that it can be treated successfully.

Take Back Your Life

Alcohol is the most common and socially acceptable legal drug available today, and many people can safely consume beer, wine, and liquor without developing a dependency. Unfortunately, for many people—especially those with a genetic predisposition to addiction—consuming alcohol safely isn’t possible. These people might find themselves drinking in the morning to get through the day. They may drink in secret or binge drink at every opportunity. The consequences of such behavior are severe and sometimes tragic. If you believe you are powerless over alcohol, take the first step toward reclaiming a healthy lifestyle by admitting it and seeking help for alcohol abuse. More than a third of alcoholics who received treatment over a year ago are now in full recovery — left untreated, alcoholics not only suffer from depression, reduced mental clarity, and dangerous, life-threatening diseases, but they also suffer from severe side effects when they try to quit on their own. At The Ranch PA, we have helped many clients recover from the early days of withdrawal while teaching them the tools they need to live an alcohol-free lifestyle.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Heavy drinkers should not try to quit on their own because of the life-threatening side effects of suddenly quitting drinking. At The Ranch PA, we have helped severely addicted clients sustain a life-lasting recovery from alcohol addiction through our individualized, holistic therapies that treat the physical, emotional, and spiritual effects of addiction. We can help you or your loved one detox safely and thoroughly from alcohol as well as other addictions. Our caring, empathetic staff provides a wide range of treatment modalities, including motivational interviewing therapy, dual diagnosis treatment, fitness therapy, art and music therapies, and more. Following inpatient rehab, we provide a comprehensive aftercare program that can help you stay on the path to sobriety. Don’t let another day pass in the haze of alcohol addiction — contact The Ranch PA now. (Photo via)

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