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Triggers Of An Anxiety Attack

Anxiety attacks are incredibly challenging situations. They tend to happen without warning. They can range from intense experiences to instances where you’re terrified about what’s happening. Take a moment to breathe in deeply. Even if you feel like the world is out of control, you can control anxiety. Understanding your triggers of an anxiety attack is the right place to start. Our treatment programs at Recovery Ranch PA can help you move beyond these risks, too. Looking after your mental health is as important as caring for your physical health. Our compassionate and experienced staff of counselors and therapists can give you the tools to cope with and overcome anxiety issues.

What Are Triggers?

Everyone’s past is built on different experiences and events. Sometimes, events, people, places, and even things like smells, become triggers. When you encounter that experience, it causes memory to occur, or it may bring back specific feelings. These are triggers. Most of the time, people don’t have more than a few seconds of thought about a trigger, and it fades. For those who have anxiety surrounding the trigger, it can create instances of panic. Understanding these triggers of an anxiety attack can help you to overcome what’s happening.

What Are the Common Triggers of an Anxiety Attack?

As noted, most of these experiences are very personal. They can seem nearly impossible for you to understand on your own. Take a look at a few of the most common triggers to see how well they relate to your experiences.

  • Negative thought processes, such as thinking negatively about yourself or your situation
  • Financial distress, especially feeling unable to pay your bills
  • Sudden illness or a poor diagnosis of a health condition
  • High-stress instances, such as losing a job or a friend
  • Public events or performances for yourself
  • High conflict situations
  • Skipping meals

There are also personal triggers. These are triggers that relate to the specific experiences you’ve had. For example, a positive experience may be tasting something and remembering your loved one for years before. When it comes to triggers of an anxiety attack, these memories can bring up instances of past trauma, such as violence or aggression. They can link to sexual abuse or wartime experiences.

What Power Do You Have Over Triggers?

You can’t isolate yourself from all triggers. You can’t remove your memories, either. Running away from what prompts these or ignoring them won’t solve the issue nor will it give you peace of mind. That’s why it is so important to learn to manage the underlying cause of your trigger. In our anxiety treatment program, we teach you how to do this.

What you’re facing is a battle unique to you. Yet, there is help for overcoming these challenges at Recovery Ranch PA.

Get Help for Triggers of an Anxiety Attack at Recovery Ranch PA

Anxiety doesn’t have to control you. Even though the triggers of an anxiety attack are very hard to control, help is available. So while there’s no way to eliminate anxiety attacks from your life, you can work to reduce the instances of anxiety you feel. That’s our goal at Recovery Ranch PA, getting you healthy and back in control of your mental health. At Recovery Ranch PA, our team is here to support you as you work towards improving your well-being and overcoming anxiety. So call us at 717.969.9126 to learn more about how we can help you.

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