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Alcohol Addiction Recovery: What’s the Future Hold for You?

Are you facing alcohol addiction? The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that 9.2 million men and 5.3 million women suffered from alcohol use disorder in 2018 in the United States. When you consider just how many people are facing similar challenges like you are, you can see that now is the time to get help. Alcohol addiction recovery starts by reaching out to our team to learn more about the support available to you.

Creating a Foundation for Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Before you can enter recovery, you have to do the hard work of getting sober and gaining the confidence you need to stay that way. At The Ranch PA, that begins, for many of our clients, with getting alcohol addiction detox. This process allows your body to process and remove the toxins from it. It can take three days or several weeks, depending on the severity of your addiction and dependence. It can also be a good time to gain mental clarity about your future. Once you work through detox, if needed, you’ll enter into residential alcohol treatment. You’ll work with counselors through one-on-one therapy to understand why you drink, what the motivations you have to stop drinking are, and how to create a path forward. During your treatment with us, we’ll work with you through complex programs such as:

During your individual and group therapy sessions, we’ll talk to you about what’s happened but also work with you to develop strategies to allow you to regain your confidence and move beyond your addiction. This includes giving you steps to take when you are facing the desire to drink or when you’re in a situation where everyone else is drinking.

What Is Alcohol Addiction Recovery Like?

Once you finish residential treatment, you will get ongoing support through our aftercare treatment program. This allows you to come back for ongoing support based on what your therapist and doctor recommended. Also, this is a good way to prevent relapse and to continue to work at rebuilding your life. Alcohol addiction recovery will likely involve:

  • Working to rebuild relationships that you want to save
  • Creating tools for getting back to your life with job skills and communication skills
  • Rediscovering healthy activities that you enjoy like golfing, hiking, swimming, or fitness
  • Engaging in group therapy and supportive mentoring programs to keep you on the right path forward
  • Recognizing instances of potential relapse and getting immediate help for them

Because an alcohol use disorder is a very real condition and one that can impact a person’s health for years to come, it is critical to build a strong support network to help you before you relapse. A key component of the work we do at The Ranch PA is to give you those tools and resources to help you know what to do when you are at risk. Many times, our clients come back to offer support and mentoring to other people who are walking this same path. You may find that this is one of the most rewarding ways for you to live your life after addiction treatment. To get started on this path, you need to call The Ranch PA first.

Find the Treatment You Need at The Ranch PA

Every person deserves a fresh start. No matter why you are facing what you are, alcohol addiction recovery is an option that’s available to you. It starts with calling The Ranch PA and learning more about the services we offer. You can get the help you need starting with a free, confidential consultation by calling us at 717.969.9126 today.

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