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Is Alcoholism Hereditary?

Is Alcoholism Hereditary? Being born to a mother who drank during pregnancy or having other alcoholic family members increases your risk of alcoholism. Is alcoholism hereditary? Regardless of the roots of your alcoholism, The Ranch PA offers alcohol addiction treatment that will help you recover. Drinking is common in the United States, with 86.3% of…

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Types of Addiction

Types of Addiction Addiction is a mental health disease and alters your brain chemistry, impairs your judgment, and impacts your decision-making process. What makes addiction so difficult to recover from is that it’s chronic, meaning that you will experience symptoms like cravings even after you stop using. That means recovery requires more than just avoiding…

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Coping With Opioid Withdrawal

Coping with Opioid Withdrawal Opioid addiction rates have continued to increase over the past decade, as fatal overdoses have spiked and resulted in overdoses becoming the most common cause of death among Americans under the age of 50. Opioids can cause physical dependency, which can make coping with opioid withdrawal very difficult without treatment. Opioid…

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Risk Factors for Addiction

Risk Factors for Addiction All psychoactive substances have the potential to cause addiction and dependence. Addiction doesn’t have a known cause, meaning that anyone can develop a substance abuse disorder. However, there are several major risk factors for addiction. Addiction has serious consequences. Struggling with a substance abuse disorder can make it difficult to maintain…