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What Is Psychotherapy?

What is Psychotherapy? The reason why treatment is essential to overcoming an addiction, alcoholism, or substance abuse disorder is that all three conditions are chronic, meaning they continuously get worse until you receive help. Treatments like psychotherapy are highly effective during the recovery process, but what is psychotherapy and how does it help treat addiction?…

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Stages of Addiction Recovery

Stages of Addiction Recovery Addiction takes time to develop, as the stages of addiction start with your first use and end with dependency. Since substance abuse disorders get progressively worse, there are also stages of addiction recovery. When you struggle with a substance abuse disorder or addiction, you can deal with troubling and serious consequences.…

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Stages of Alcoholism

Stages of Alcoholism The stages of alcoholism can develop rapidly and the physical, social, and emotional consequences can lead to serious problems. Regardless of how quickly or slowly you go through the stages of alcoholism, recovery is possible with proper alcohol addiction treatment. Alcohol is a quintessential part of holiday celebrations, nightlife, and sporting events.…