woman slumped on the floor leaning against bed wondering about signs of codependency

The Telltale Signs of Codependency

Society is not well-versed in recognizing the signs of codependency. The cultural romanticization of toxic celebrity relationships and a lack of awareness about addiction have obscured the signs of codependency. If you find yourself or a loved one prioritizing a substance abuser over themselves, then they may be codependent. Codependency, in cases of addiction, also…


How Does AA Help?

How does AA help? Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been vital in helping people achieve sustainable recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. A 12-step group gives you a much-needed connection with others who are also on the path to sobriety. Treatment centers offer AA groups in Pennsylvania as a part of their addiction treatment plans. AA…

boy holding his ears as parents fight understands how addiction affects families

What You Should Know About How Addiction Affects Families

Do you know how addiction affects families? Addiction doesn’t just affect the person who has it. Unfortunately, addiction impacts everyone around that person, especially families. Marriages and parent-child relationships are often ruined by addiction. Fights and tension are exacerbated, finances are strained, and bonds are broken. But for families affected by addiction, there is hope.…

scientist woman knows about marijuana and education

It Matters: Marijuana and Education

Marijuana and Education Education is more important for today’s students than ever before. With college degrees becoming ubiquitous, both high school and college students are under intense pressure to succeed. Marijuana and education are both present in many student’s lives, but the two don’t mix well. When it comes to marijuana and education, the student’s…


Dangers of Designer Drugs

Designers drugs are synthetically-enhanced narcotics designed to increase potency while minimizing negative side effects. Many of these drugs are engineered in labs and distributed on the streets or in clubs. Examples of designer drugs include methamphetamines, LSD, spice, or ecstasy. In spite of their popularity, the dangers of designer drugs are inherent, as they lead…

woman laying on a couch thinking about the dangers of substance abuse

The Real Dangers of Substance Abuse

We knew well before the information age about the dangers of substance abuse. It isn’t a new concern but it is one that we have learned more about over the years. It is also a concern that has grown considerably more dangerous as more drugs now flood the market, the streets, and the country than…