Do I Have Lifeskills?

You may have heard someone mention life skills training and wonder to yourself, “Do I have lifeskills?”  As we grow and reach milestones throughout life, we gain many skills. These can be as simple as knowing how to cook a traditional meal, going on a job interview, or handling a bank account. For most people,…


Why Addicted Individuals Show Signs of Depression

Depression is a serious mental illness (SMI) that commonly occurs alongside substance use disorder (SUD) or addiction. A substance use disorder involves dependence on alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Individuals battling a depressive disorder feel hopeless and may exhibit other signs of depression. Fortunately, a dual diagnosis treatment center…

cbt vs dbt, A man talking to other people during group therapy

The Difference and Benefits of CBT vs DBT

Many different techniques, therapies, and resources deal with issues like addiction and mental illness. A common tool used by professionals, counselors, and therapists is something called psychotherapy. These types of therapies generally take one of two approaches, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), also referred to as talk therapy or dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). While there are…