Washington, D.C., Sees Spike in Overdoses on Synthetic Marijuana

At least seven people staying at a District of Columbia homeless shelter had to be hospitalized after overdosing on synthetic marijuana, re-igniting concerns about the risks of “fake pot.” The story underlines the problem of synthetic marijuana—often labeled “not for human consumption”—and shows, yet again, that its “natural” appearance and apparent similarity to marijuana are…


Learning to Love Your Sober Self

If you have been using or abusing drugs or alcohol for any length of time, you have been in the habit of distorting reality. Through addiction to mind-altering chemicals, you have found a way to avoid facing painful or uncomfortable feelings, and most of the time you have been completely numb on an emotional level.

The Genetics Behind Addiction

Researchers believe a complex mixture of genetics, family history, social history, and environment combine to influence each person’s propensity for addiction. You are not a product of your genes, but your genes can influence how quickly you become addicted to substances. Looking for the Addiction Gene Researchers already know that addiction tends to run in…


The Dangers of Drinking During the Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching, and along with the joy and festivity that fills the air, something else seems to spike during this time period: drinking. Whether it’s out of celebration or to cope with the in-laws overstaying their welcome, data shows both drinking and alcohol-related incidences rise over the holidays. This micrographic illuminates the…